Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to Krista D. Ball

MuseItUp Publishing is thrilled to welcome our newest author, Krista D. Ball.

Krista's paranormal fantasy, Harvest Moon, will be released December 1, 2010.

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Lin said...

Hi Krista,

I could pretty much say the same things here that I said in the previous blog, but I will try to be original. You write paranormal, which I must confess, happens to be my absolute, without question, favorite genré. It allows you to go where the alleged laws of science have yet to go, but who knows what the years ahead of us will discover. (They used to say the earth was flat after all and that the sun revolved around it once upon a time, until science caught up :>)

Congratualtions on your upcoming release. Isn't it amazing having your own words contracted? And the "wow" factor that accompanies it when you step beyond the knowledge that not only have you been contracted, but your words, your meager and toiled over words are going to be out there for the world to enjoy!

For me, I started scribbling when I was a little kid. The secret dream to actually get published is one that I have held for a really long time...(I'm older than the hills, and feel even older more often than I care to admit on too many days.)I think any one who pours him or herself into writing also has harbored that dream for an equally long time.

I am so happy for you, and am delighted to share this first time experience with you as well. Lea has been a dream fulfiller for many of us, hasn't she? :>)

When I am out there on my novice comet, riding through, around, up and about this amazing process and I see your comet winging past me, I'll give out a big wave and a hollered "Hello"

Best of Luck, Krista and the greatest of success.

LJ Holmes
Auhtor of: Santa is a Lady due out December 2010