Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WooHoo for Chastity Bush

Another round of congrats go out to our newest author, Chastity Bush, for her paranormal book A Taste of Terror, coming out December 1, 2010.


Lin said...

Woo Hoo Chastity!

You gotta love paranormal. It just allows you to go to so many places that "normal" keeps you rigidly from. Long ago, far too long ago for me to actually tell you HOW long ago, I had an editor and agent who hounded me every hour on the hour to write poetry...pentameter...strict rules, rigidity, but my muse protested and was most unhappy the entire time.

MuseItUPPublishing and our gracious Publisher Lea, has allowed me to write outside those rigid lines. Writing paranormal allows you to also travel through all trips of uncoventional fantasy. Your muse must be doing back flips and taking giant leaps from galaxy to galaxy.

Congratualtion Sister Author and may your success spread like the ever expending universe into infinity.

LJ Holmes
Author of Santa is A Lady
Coming out December 2010

chastitybush said...

Thanks for the warm welcome Lin!
I love writing paranormal, for the exact reason you indicated. You can go anywhere and do anything with the story and characters!