Sunday, March 6, 2011

Duke it out with Tina from MIDNIGHT FIND

Oh, I’ll duke it out with ya. Bring it on. I was saved from a marriage to a creep who calls his mistress love-muffin, kitty-hugs, and pooh-pooh.

I was going to marry a guy who uses those names???

Yikes, what was Chris Steeves thinking when she wrote my story in MIDNIGHT FIND. Find out this August.



MuseItUp Publishing said...

BONELLA: Listen up, Tina's your own fault. If you can smell 'em out from a mile away then you most likely deserve what you get.

Maybe Chris Steeves knew what she was doing. Is she writing a sequel to your story? No...HAHAHAHAHAHA

festival8 said...
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Michael Patriate said...

Tina, I sympathize with you. Joe sent me back in time to 15th century Italy without a lire to my name. But at least you can still get coffee where you are. There's just no substitute for a steaming cup of java.

That's okay, though. I'll own this place before long. You gotta make sacrifices sometimes.

Michael X. Patriate, The King of Silk

MuseItUp Publishing said...

BONELLA: Stop sniffling about coffee. Geez...go to the forest and collect some beans already. And about owning this place...yeah, dream on.

festival8 said...
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