Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hi, I'm Jordan Blake

It’s not every day you find a body washed up on your shore, but that’s exactly what happened to me one cold October day. Maybe I should start at the beginning.
I live on the shores of Lake Erie. Most of the houses around here are summer cottages, so it’s pretty isolated during the winter, which suits me just fine. Oh, let me introduce myself, I’m the heroine of Stranger on the Shore, Jordan Blake. I’m also an author so living in isolation is fine by me. Sometimes people annoy me. They’re inconsiderate and interrupt at the most inconvenient times. That’s not good when you’re writing is flowing. In fact, there’s nothing more irritating. So I live alone and write when I want to, sometimes well into the night. Don’t get me wrong for the most part I like people, just not when I’m writing.
I was married, but it didn’t work out. Another reason I like my seclusion. No men to complicate my life. No one to cater to and treat like a king. Can you tell my marriage wasn’t happy? Of course there’s no one to talk to, to share my hopes and dreams with either, but I get along. At least I did until that fateful day in October. The day started out quite pleasant, as often is the case in Northeast Ohio when one of these cold fronts moves through. Nothing unusual in that.
So there I was, minding my own business, happy as a lark until the weatherman forecast a snowstorm blowing in off the lake. Well let me tell you, if you don’t live near one of the Great Lakes, you have no idea. We take these storms serious. There’s nothing worse than lake effect snow, and this storm promised to be a doozy. It was time to batten down the hatches, so to speak.

I was out on the deck securing cushions and patio furniture in preparation for the storm, when I caught sight of something washed up on the shoreline.
Well, what can I say, I’m curious, I had to investigate. Besides, it looked an awful lot like a body and if someone needed help, I couldn’t let them lie there helpless.
Wouldn’t you know it, I was right, it was a body, thankfully alive. The thought of spending time with a corpse didn’t exactly enthuse me. I mean seriously, can you picture being stranded in a snow storm with a dead body? Anyway, it didn’t matter because this guy was alive. Unconscious, but breathing. How I managed to move this six foot, God knows how many inches, at least 190 maybe more pounds of muscle off the rocks, I’ll never know. I can tell you it was no easy feat. Worse, I had to fight the icy waves

that tried to claim both of us. He was dead weight and the only thing I could do was roll him off the rocks onto the beach and up to my deck. I’m only five foot two and this guy was all muscle, dead weight and unconscious. Not to mention soaking wet. Heck, his clothes probably weighed another forty or so pounds.
But I did it. I got him into the house, in front of the fireplace, and even managed to get him undressed and stuffed into my ex’s old bathrobe. What a sight that was.
If you want to know what happened after I got this hunk into my house, you’ll to read

the book.
Stranger on the Shore is being released today at MuseItUp Publishing http://tinyurl.com/4zbzgtk
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Wendy said...

Hmmm, Fascinating. I hope he's not a baddie.
Congratulations on your book's release.