Thursday, March 3, 2011

Managing Time and Commitments

The Muse is a guest at Sassy Brit today, Thursday, March 3 and the question is:

How do you manage your writing time and family commitments?

For me, it's not hard since writing is my full time job, and since it's all conducted on the computer I need to remove my butt from this chair every so often so I work in hourly increments, each hour dedicated to one aspect in our publishing house. So for an hour I work on one thing and then I do my 'wifely' duties: laundry which never ends, vacuuming, fixing the beds where I think "But we're going to sleep tonight, no, why bother?" but then my mother's voice pops in my head, "Don't be a slob.", and that scares me into action. LOL!

But seriously, anyone that has a passion for what they do needs to organize their time and my way of doing this is by having a TO DO list. Every day I try to do as much from my TO DO list, but the key factor here is not to get depressed if every single thing on that listing is not done. Place an asterik on the items you need to accomplish because of a deadline -- writing related -- and the others (website updating, answering emails, etc.) can be done later.

One cannot omit family commitments because family is the number one priority.

But I will give you one tip: don't bother explaining why writing needs to be in your life to your family. Unless they are writers you will turn blue in the face trying to explain that passion in your bones. So the main thing is to develop what I call 'Mommy Ears' and ignore, let the sly comments go in one ear and out the other.

Now I need to leave you because my passion is calling and it's back to work.


Sherry Gloag said...

Doing things in hourly increments may seem obvious, but I've been known to write through my timer on many an occasion.
Time management has been my bug-vear, but slowly, very slowly, I am licking it into shape.
Thank you for sharing this blog.

Megan Johns said...

Your organisation is impressive, Lea, but essential, I imagine, with a family.

Viviane Brentanos said...

I hear you on the ignoring your family. The're on that bloody pc again...where are my socks can be a tad annoying.

Anonymous said...

At the moment I'm so very disorganized! But I plan to buy a notebook today and start planning out my days to keep on track. Wish me luck!

Kat said...

For me its easy. Because of my seizures I pretty much stay put. It allows me to work on my writing. Except when my cat feels I've ignored her too long and sits on my keyboard.:-)

Anonymous said...

Your 'To Do' list technique has helped me. I throw myself into writing like a woman high on A.D.D. (seriously) from one task to the next, dipping into them all and struggling to get one thing completely accomplished. It's nice to cross something off a list. Even multi-taskers can do it. *grins*