Sunday, October 2, 2011


      A DIM BULB

My attention was first captured by the streaking
wisp of fur that dashed across the room, only to come to a
screeching halt just below the
diningroom glass doors. The cacophony of
birdspeak just outside that door made her all the more determined not to let this moment pass. Like the many
proud warriors in her family lines, she watched. Moving too soon, she knew, would alert her prey to the fate she was determined they would soon endure. She mentally went over a checklist of steps, beginning with

her teeth. Yes, they were sharp and strong, strong enough to make quick work of her unsuspecting quarry. Her rippling beast
muscles, supple and honed from her many past adventures would respond with lightening speed when the time came. Her eyes,
piercing orbs of intense awareness, noticed the slightest fluttering, and her ears, attached to the most advanced listening system in
God's creation, took note of any changes in the
incessant chatter of her intended victims.

I watched this display for a few minutes. She could sit in that position for hours, I thought, and do no more than gaze with narrowed attention, so I turned back to my own pursuits. I was deep in concentration, although I was still
subliminally aware of the twitterese growing progressively louder and more aggressive outside.
I don't know what drew my attention back. Perhaps it was the slight scraping sound as her
claws dug in before the leap, but I suspect it was the

Now I know that window glass appears invisible, but every morning my purebread
SIAMESE cat seems to forget that this transparent barrier stands between her and the real world outside, and every morning she stalks those
same birds with the same determination only to fly
smack into that glass barrier once more...and they say cats are cunning!


Lin said...

Gee, Kat. Indiana Pudd sounds almost as smart as Bonella. This Pudd was who Boney really was before becoming...skeletal? Or maybe Boney is a compilation of all the bones Pudd stored away on the reare times she DID get her prey?

Hmmm that would mean Pudd was smart enough to figure out how to circumvent the glass doors?

It's a mystery? Tell me Boney are you really a slightly brain impaired once upon a cat trying to fulfill the warrior complex you weren't able to in life?

Has anyone checked Boney's bones to make sure they come from only ONE former entity?

Susan Royal said...

How cute. Pudd reminds me of the Siamese I had. They are such characters.