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Sisters Of The Ring/Anne Ireland

Sisters Of The Ring/Anne Ireland

Lady of Shadows a Sisters of the Ring novel

coming from Museitup publishers June 2012 the first of two books

Here is a small taster from the beginning of the book. As yet it is unedited but hopefully there are no mistakes.

I hope you enjoy the taster.

Drenched to the skin with the rain that had soaked through her threadbare gown, near to starving and sick to the heart, the woman looked down at the face of her dead babe and a howl of primeval grief and anger issued from her lips.
‘I curse you, Lady of Penrith. I curse you and your child with my last breath, with all the pain I have suffered and the death of my babe. I curse you and I call upon the old gods to witness my curse. Blood calls for blood. Not until the debt is paid will my curse be lifted.’
The woman stepped closer to the edge of the ravine. Below her the rock fell sheer to the gorge below, treacherous and terrifying. She looked down into the abyss and then turned her head to glance back at the living child, who was huddled on the ground, sick and slowly starving to death. She smiled and held out her hand.
‘Come to me. It is the end, my daughter. One step and the suffering will be no more.’
The girl shrank back, hugging her knees and shaking with fright.
‘You choose life,’ her mother said sadly. ‘I shall not compel you to come with me. In death you might have found peace, but if you will live then you must suffer - and you must avenge us. Remember my words, daughter, for if you do not I shall haunt you. Avenge your mother and sister. Blood must be paid with blood.’
Clutching her dead babe to her withered breast, the woman leaped into the ravine. Her scream was terrible. So terrible that the child huddled on the ground held her hands to her ears to stop the sound, but it echoed round and round in her head until her eyes closed and the darkness claimed her.
It was then that the man came. Scooping her up into his arms, he strode away from the ravine.

Anne Ireland also writes as Linda Sole, Anne Herries and Lynn Granville.

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