Friday, October 7, 2011

STRUGGLE, Don't We All, Elizabeth?

“The Spirit is both man and animal. You are both woman and the wolf, unsure of the light and the dark.”

 “Do you not fear the wolf?

“It is you who fears the wolf.  The woman is the light and the wolf is the darkness.  We will release the wolf and free The Spirit.”

Oddly enough, I found there was a logic to his beliefs.  Did the people here discover some sort of balance between nature and civilization, good and evil?  If I didn’t know better, I might think he spoke of a vampire already! Was there another here like our kind?  I wouldn’t put it past our maker Mestiphles or his henchwoman Lilith to feast upon these people.

“How can the Spirit release the wolf?”  

“My forefather told of my coming in the great storm at the big river’s crossing. He said I would live long, see many moons, but never grow old. So I wait for her.  The Spirit will answer all.”


Yes, but what of ELIZABETH, the unloved wife supported by RAIN, a fearless Kiowa warrior?  Seeking solace and solitude from her unhappy home life as the unloved wife of Antonio, Elizabeth travels to colonial America in Professor James’ third account.  On the outskirts of the white man’s civilization, Elizabeth meets Rain, a young Kiowa warrior on a vision quest.  Will his lack of fear, search for answers, and gripping hothouse experience help her face those very vampire truths she sought to escape?

Can one born of a family of evil ever be good? Will their true colors- and werewolf transformations- come to bear? But more importantly, can vampires and werewolves share a fiction? 

Yes, yes yes! 

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Linda Sole said...

This looks wonderful Kristin. I'm going to see if I can get this for my kindle.

What a wonderful blog Museitup is!

Anne Ireland