Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Reporter

I suppose the title for for this blog entry is less than original but there you have it. The question is what did you overcome to become a published author. The short answer is, a lot. The long answer is a little bit more complicated than that.

So you want to be a published author you're going to hear a lot about craft, about passion and while those things are true I have a little bit different take on things. For me it's all about perseverance and putting your work out there for people to see. Will you be rejected at first, well, odds are yes. Not many people are accepted the first time around. But there will be those of you who will, and there will be those of you who buck the system and go your own way and publish through Amazon or Smashwords. But everyone will know at some point in their career some sort of sense of frustration that things aren't moving as fast as they'd like.

What did I endure? Abuse at the hands of others of all kinds. A parent who doesn't recognize what I do as legitimate. And people who want me to feel bad for my success. Insecurity that I was not a good writer (I still wrestle with that one lol), insecurity that no one will buy my books, insecurity that I will never have any friends who want to celebrate with me.

I wish I could tell you this was some sort of glamorous road where happiness lay at the end of the path. Here are the facts, you want to be successful. In order to be happy in your success as a writer you will have to determine what that success will be on your own terms. Believe it or not I am very happy, 2011 was a very good year, 3 book contracts, a 2nd place finish in the Preditor and Editor Awards of 2011, and plans for a healthy online and RL book tour starting tonight at the Muse Chat at 9PM EST a booksigning at That Book Place next Saturday, a book fair in March and an author fair in April in Kentucky.

Success doesn't just come up to you. You have to go out and get it. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get it.


Wendy said...

As you say, success is in the eye of the beholder. I consider completing a novel a monumental success on a par with a marathon runner completing a race in spite of the lactic acid burning every muscle. But you have piled on success after success with publisher contracts, award win and public appearances. In my book you are very successful writer. Good Luck with your future endeavours and may you never suffer with writer's block :)

gail roughton branan said...

And that pretty much says it all. If you're not willing to go after it, you're not going to get it! You might still not get it if you go after it (though you had a great year, darlin'), but at least you can say "I gave it everything I had."