Monday, March 17, 2014

FLASH 1: Devil Daddy's Girl

Devil Daddy's Girl
by Anne Stenhouse

Light followed Mephista into the chamber flooding the darkness. A trainee wizard floated to where she stood, undecided and alone.

"Dance, Babe?" he drawled.

"Clear off, I'm with friends." She didn't comment on his floating, even if she was dying to know how he did it.

"Great outfit," he persisted. "Love the tail. It's like the real thing."

"And what makes you doubt my parentage?" Mephista snapped.

The wizard dropped to the floor and drew her against him. She\ cracked her tail, coiling it round him and squeezed.

"Mnm!" he murmured. "I love a strong woman."

"Oh," she squeaked.


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cleemckenzie said...

This one made me chuckle. Very clever.