Monday, March 17, 2014

Flash Fiction 19: The Dark Side

The Dark Side
Marva Dasef

Garry grinned when the lander sped around to reveal the pock-marked dark side of the moon. At last, a landing on the far side, and he was the lucky astronaut.

The lander set down with a slight bump. Garry prepared for the first walk on the far side. He pondered his words. What could beat Armstrong’s mankind speech?

“Houston, I’m down. Start the public feed.” His foot drifted downward to touch the ground. And continued downward. Garry fell forward and sank into a bottomless pit filled with fine moon dust. All the public heard was ‘shit’ before the feed cut off.

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Beth Overmyer said...
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Unknown said...

This would be too funny. Too bad Justin and Janet ruined live TV and now we have a 12 second delay to catch 'slips' such as this. Maybe it would get played on the radio.

S. Willett said...

Funny - Had to add it to my top ten.

Cellophane Queen said...

I'd say thank you, but I shouldn't comment on my own post. Or should I?

lizB said...

Love it!