Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Fear is a funny emotion.

We fear the unknown.

We fear physical harm.

And for some, the fear of submissions prevents them from moving their careers forward. Why is that?

In all honesty, a writer must never submit their first drafts no matter how well-written the author believes it to be. A second pair of eyes, whether an editor or a critique partner, should look it over and give some feedback.

Once a writer has gone over their work several times only then should a submission go out to publishers and agents. Remember that your work is your advertisement of your writer's voice. Submitting a first draft will most likely end up being a some cases. There are those few who have the gift of stringing words together the first time around.

But your fear shouldn't prevent you from submitting when you are ready. What is the worse that can happen...a rejection. Rejections should fuel you to resubmit elsewhere. Or, if one of the lucky ones to have received a publisher's note with comments, look over your work objectively and perhaps rework it.

At MuseItUp Publishing and MuseItHOT! we always send the author our positive and negative notes to help them better understand why we rejected the manuscript. We also invite them to resubmit if they are willing to further flesh out the manuscript. Regardless, we offer comments that will help the writer submit that particular piece elsewhere if they so choose to.

So fear to submit to us, at least, shouldn't be a factor because we are author friendly. After all, without authors and good editors along with cover artists, a publishing house would not be a publishing house for long.


Unknown said...

I don't fear submitting my stuff. ANd you guys have in fact let me know how best to flesh out what I submitted to you and for that I am grateful. No, when it comes to writing my greatest fear is letting people who depend on me down. I'll run myself into the ground rather than disappoint anyone. That too is a cruel cycle and one I seriously advise my fellow authors NOT to do. You will pay a huge price for it believe me. I am speaking from very real and recent experience.

Take breaks, don't push until you are ready to fall flat on your face. You are not enrolled in a marathon. Take the time to really make your work great. And whatever you do, take time for yourself so you don't get stressed out. Happy writing all.

Isobael said...

Awesome post. Thank you!

I fear disappointing people as well, but more along the lines of fearing my writing is bad. I don't necessarily fear rejection as much as I fear it was accepted but no one liked reading it.

Make sense?

It's great that you take the time to let authors know why their work wasn't accepted. I think it helps everyone improve their writing if they know why it wasn't accepted. Even if they don't resubmit, at least they have some input as to how to make it better. It's a learning lesson I'll always be grateful for.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Kat, I do know that stress point you are referring to...the point where a smile leaves you, emotions are completely drained from your body, tired, no energy to do anything let alone think. It's not a place I want to go to again and that came about for the exact reason you quoted above in your response.

I, too, have tried to be there and not disappoint people but the reality is that not everyone will be satisfied with your efforts, nor appreciate the effort you have put thus far. So at what point does a person say 'Enough. I need to look after me."

One day at a time.

Remember that we have one shot on this wonderful earth of ours and we need to play our time and energy smart.

Angelica Weatherby said...

I fear not being able to purchase books I want to read... Okay for a writer it would be writing a querry letter or a synopsis. Oh well I'll just have fun with NaNoWriMo and school. Maybe try polishing the rough drafts up to final drafts as much as possible.