Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet Chastity Bush

A Taste of Terror (Paranormal romance) Coming December 2010!

Thank you for joining us today, Chastity. Before we begin, why don’t you tell everyone a bit about your book?

A Taste of Terror is a paranormal romance about Cole Douglas. As a Guardian it is his job to protect every living innocent thing. But when Cole is sent on a job to take down a rogue werewolf and is attacked by nurse/newly turned werewolf Chloe Dunn instead, his plans take a shocking turn as he discovers that not only is Chloe a were, she is his mate and the key to finding his rouge.

Where did the concept for the book come about?

I have always loved the paranormal/supernatural, so it was inevitable that I would write one. There are so many paranormal romances out there that I wanted to do something a little different. That is where the idea for Guardians came in. There is not another being like them. I am not like most authors who go through meticulous planning from start to finish. I guess you could say that I wing it. I get an idea in my head and then I sit down and out it comes!

I'm the same way. When a story is lodged in my head the characters dictate where they want to go. How long did it take you to finish, from concept to final product?

This book took did not take me nearly as long as it takes me to write one of another genre. After about three months I was completely finished. Paranormals are my favourite both to read and to write, so it was fairly easy for me to put the story together rather quickly.

Are there any authors that have influenced your own writing?

I have so many authors whom I love to read, my favorites being Kresley Cole, Lynsay Sands, Hannah Howell, Tracy Anne Warren and the list just goes on and on. However, I like for my writing to be as original as possible so I try to stay away from anything that resembles what others have done as much as I possibly can. I love an original story and I am sure others do as well.

Do you have any favorite place where you feel your Muse is more apt to come and play while you write? Or perhaps you listen to music? If so, what do you listen to?

Actually I find that most of my ideas come to me just after I go to bed. I have a hard time sleeping and after everything is quiet, I find that my mind wanders to new story possibilities, and before I know it I have an idea for a new story or to add to a work in progress.

As far as music goes, I am pretty eclectic. I listen to almost everything from country, rock, metal, hip-hop, oldies, I love music from the 70’s and again like my favorite authors, the list just goes on and on.

As a writer, what is your greatest fear?

Failure. If a reader is not happy with my work I consider that a failure. I want to know that readers are pleased with my work. When they finish my books I want them to be so happy with it that they cannot wait to pick up the next. My husband is always telling me that I am going to be a bestseller one day. I want to know that I did everything I could to make that happen.

You are a lucky woman to have a supportive husband. What normally occupies your desk while writing? Silly question but mine is always littered with coffee mugs.

I get distracted easily unless my muse has its claws dug in deep so I try to keep things around me to a minimum. I usually have a caramel frappe and my cell phone next to me.

Do you have any new projects that you are working on? If so, what are they?

I am working on about four different manuscripts at the moment. Two paranormals, a historical romance (western) and I am toying with an idea for yet another paranormal.

What tip would you offer to a new writer who is just beginning their submission journey?

Do-not-give-up! Unless you are the luckiest person in the world, you are going to receive rejections. Lots of rejections *big grin*. Just keep plugging away and do not let them get you down. And whatever you do, keep writing.

Please tell our readers where they can find you.

I am everywhere! You can find me on Myspace at, Facebook at and of course my official website I also have author pages set up at and I would like to thank MuseItUp Publishing for taking a chance on me and my latest creation.

Thank you, Chastity, and from all of us at MuseItUp, we want to wish you continued success.


Cheryl said...

Fabulous interview, ladies. I'm winging it with my current WIP too, so I understand where you're coming from Chastity. A supportive husband? Can I borrow him from time to time? LOL!

Keep up the great work. I look forward to learning more about you and A Taste of Terror.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheryl!
I have to admit, my husband is the one who keeps me going. There have been so many times that I thought about quitting and he has kicked me in the rear and right out of my pity party.

Now, I am off to wing it some more!

Katie Hines said...

Interesting interview. I'm interested in seeing how a Guardian and a were can be made for each other. Seems they would be contradictory, but it sounds like it works for you. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Katie.
That was my intention. I created the Guardian to be so different from other species and bring them together with a mate who was completely different from them.

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz said...

Chastity, this is a wonderful interview offering readers an insight into your world. Thanks for sharing. Great job, Lea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Penny! I'm a open book really. Anything you want to know just ask!

Paul and Karen said...

Great interview, Chastity!

Karen :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen!