Friday, April 16, 2010

Saying "Thank You" is not enough!

Yesterday I was coming home from a doctor's appointment and I saw a beautiful mural done on what would be a rather mundane, sad wall. The mural turned dull granite into a scene so vivid, I had to look at it several times from many angles to make certain it was really a mural; it looked that real! It was an incredible depiction and filled me with joy.

This morning my joy in that semi-urban mural paled when I opened the e-mail from Delilah, the incredibly talented woman who gave the main character of my story SANTA IS A LADY vibrant, visual life. Lea, thank you so much for assigning Delilah as my cover artist. I am in your debt.

Delilah, I am stunned and beyond speech. My daughter tells me my eyes widened and my hand flew to my mouth as I began stammering, "Oh My God!" over and over again. I am honored by the detail, the expression, the richness of spirit you infused within my novel's cover.

Offering the words, "thank you" barely expresses how profoundly appreciative I am of your expertise. Unfortunately, I do not know any words that will adequately convey my thanks, so I must be satisfied with these too frequently used and all too frequently overused words...but, I do thank you.

To the rest of you reading this blog entry...Santa is a Lady will be released on December 1st. The only way for you all to see if the story I wrote is worthy of Delilah's amazing cover is to come back then and check it out.

Just Me,
L.J. Holmes

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Admin said...

Thank you. I love what I do and I was glad that I was able to create a cover you were so thrilled with.