Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tip Number Two

Marketing doesn't mean to take a 'bite' out of your keyboard.

Every writer should have either a website or blog to begin a buzz not only about them as a writer but about their works.

Once your publisher/editor has gone through your book and you have an edited blurb and excerpt, post them – as long as you get the okay from your publisher. For Muse we have excerpts 1000 words.

If the cover is done, put it up linking it back to your author page on your publisher’s website where most of the information – like the buy button, your bio, excerpts, reviews, and testimonials will be.

If you click on one of our covers to the left you’ll note that it takes you directly to our bookstore. It’s not live yet with buy buttons but we’ve began the buzz.

By having a presence on the net you are creating awareness to potential readers to find you, read about your book(s), and bookmark your site to come back when the book is released.

If you belong to any of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Nings, get their widgets and post them on your site/blog so followers can join and follow your career and books. If you don’t show them where you’re at, don’t expect them to hunt you down.

Make sure to follow other blogs and leave comments. Don’t just brag about your book but show a genuine interest in the other person’s blog posting. I don’t know how many times I’ve read posts that were so obvious by their comments they hadn’t taken the time to read but saw it as an opportunity to compare that book with their own. I wonder how these authors would feel if someone left a comment saying, “Well, in my book blah blah blah...”

Once you have a website – or if your blog IS your website – then go order business cards since you’re officially on your way now to the BIG promotional legwork of your career. Give out business cards like they were candy...well, okay, not like candy but you know what I mean. When someone shows an interest in your book, whip out a card and hand it to them. Your business card should have either/both your link and/or email address to keep in touch with your readers. Some writers have different business cards with the cover of their books. I simply have one – and will be ordering now as a publisher – that showcases me, award-winning author and editor, with a link to my website and email address.

YOUR TURN: How many have websites and/or blogs? Do you have a follow me button? How often do you blog? How often do you update your website?


Anonymous said...

Lots of good points in your blog post of things authors can do to get their name out there.

Paul and Karen said...

Thanks Lea, good advice as always.