Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Author in Me

It's an amazing thing to discover when your hair turns whiter than the stuff that comes swirling down from the clouds in winter that you are a soon-to-be multi-published author AND the mother of a top ten Best Selling Author, but since March 29th, when I got my first contract from MuseItUpPublishing, that has been my reality...Okay everyone, forgive me for this, but one must harken back to the idioms within one's own personal dictionary at times like this...WOW! That is what I say.

First there's my daughter, who already has two books available with a whole slew more in the pipelines. She'll have her first e-book with MuseItHot, The Lighthouse, coming out February will love this suspense-mystery-love-empowering story. Mark it on your calendars. You won't be sorry. Also check out her blog for ongoing news and future releases. (The girl is a dynamo!)

On to me...Tooting your own horn..this is a concept that is probably the hardest part of being a soon-to-be multi-published author, but here goes...I grew up in the Country, which makes it sound exotic and all, but truth is I grew up eight miles from New Hope, PA. There are many actors out there who know where New Hope is, since it is the home of the Bucks County Playhouse.

One of my first jobs was working as a hostess at the New Hope Diner where I got to observe many a "STAR" in their "Greater than Thou" moments. Growing up near New Hope has given me a lot of material that I have locked away inside this white covered head I spoke of earlier. How many of you out there know New Hope?

If you don't know New Hope, you'll know the other landmark from my maturing years. See New Hope is also right around the bend from Washington's Crossing...yep, the very spot where Washington stood in his boat on that fateful Christmas Night as he crossed the Delaware River to attack the slacking Hessians in Trenton.

I also climbed Bowman's Tower, the lookout tower attached to the Washington's Crossing State Park...Okay, not quite the truth. I did inch my way up the narrow winding steps, but with my butt firmly pressed against the outside wall every step of the way...Hey, that's a long way down!

Naturally, given where I grew up, you can guess that I have some REAL ghost stories to tell, and I can promise a ghost or two or five hundred will find their way into my stories.

You can keep track of me here at MuseIt Up and via my own blog Come on over and check up on me BMIU (Before Muse It Up) and AMIU.


Unknown said...

I do love my Mom but she's scatty sometimes. The Lighthouse comes out January 1st, not February 1st. I think it's the white hair. LOL

Lin said...

Okay...I'm dyslexic...well actually for numbers it's dyscalculic...remembering all these numbers is challenging especially when I am trying to remember BOTH of our numbers.

Paul and Karen said...

Cute, Lin! Love the photos! And congratulations, way to go!


Lin said...

Thanks Paul and Karen. I'm really excited.