Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet 12-year old Fallon O'Reilly

My name is Fallon O’Reilly and if you like rugged, unspoiled wilderness, you will love my home. Fireweed Village lays hidden deep in Alaska. It remains hidden, like other wizarding towns, because kippups would find it upsetting. Kippup? Oh, sorry. That means a person who doesn’t use or believe in magic. Can you believe some people don’t believe in magic? Crazy!

I turned 12 years old this summer so I’m ready for school. I can hardly wait for my first year at the Borealis Academy of Magical Arts. Dad says Borealis has a stupendous library. Yes, I admit I’m a bookworm, a dork, a nerd. Choose a name that pleases you because it doesn’t bother me. Even though my nose is always in a book, as my Mother likes to tell me, either the book or my nose frequently leads me into trouble. I have a feeling this year will be no different.

There are rumors of strange events at the school and in surrounding villages. My intrepid cousin, Ardis, will be at my side as I delve into what I’m betting will be a dark mystery. Join us as we sojourn through our first year of wizarding school and across some of Alaska’s magnificent terrain. You’ll be surprised at some of the people, living and dead, you meet!

Magic in the Americas - Fallon O'Reilly and the Ice Queen's Lair
Young Adult Fantasy - December 2010


Lin said...
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Lin said...

Being dyslexic is a pain in the alphabet! Hopefully I will get it right this time since I have already tried to leave you one PRISTINE comment because after all, you did set this Magical School in one of the few primarily still pristine places in the US...OK Here goes. Fallon sounds like a lot of fun to follow. And How great that you placed her school in one of the few still primarily untouched places in the Country. But I do have a question. Cousin Ardis...did I spell it right this time?...OK I Got it YES!!! Is cousin Ardis also magical?