Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Pendulum Swings

I am so excited! The Pendulum Swings my first Time Travel, Paranormal, sizzler has been contracted with a projected release date in March 2011. I loved writing this story and fell in love with it even more when I found it again recently during a bout of spring cleaning.

You know how sometimes you tuck your writing away happens? That's why I only just found The Pendulum Swings. When I read it, my jaw dropped...that's how much I loved this story.

I was busy writing the sequel to Santa is a Lady my first in the Christmas Miracles series due out December 1st from Muse It Up Publishing, when I found The Pendulum Swings, but I knew once I'd finished the sequel, I was going to polish Pendulum and submit it.

AND WOW! The Pendulum Swings has found a new home right here at Muse It Hot.

And can I repeat myself without sounding too boring? WOW WOW WOW WOW!


Unknown said...

I'm so happy for you Mom.:-)

Lin said...

You nudged me all along. You always believed in me Kat. Thank you, Daughter.

Lea said...

Well, that makes three, and four with your editor, and a slew of others who will finally read The Lighthouse. You mentioned about cleaning out and dusting out other manuscripts...not sure why you are hiding these treasures but clean, dust, and submit.

Unknown said...

Uh The Lighthouse wasn't one she had to dust. That one is mine. LOL

Lea said...

Ah, shoot. You're right. Between you and your mom and all the great reads you gals have me going nutso here. :)

But...that brings me to say KUDOS to you for the Lighthouse, and an awesome The Pendulum Swings read from your mom. hehe

Going to my corner now and hiding.

Unknown said...

Well I'm glad we can keep you busy.:-)

MuseItUp Publishing said...

I think there are a few more surprises coming to someone's doorstep this week. :)

Lea crawls away with a sinister hehehehehehe

Lin said...

I just found a couple of over 350 page manuscripts hidden away on an "A" drive disc that I'd forgotten I'd written all those eons ago. I read the first chapter of one starring a wonderful guy I named Ahoishmahir that was intriguing enough I am going to spend some time visiting with Aho and the long gone Anasazi. Ghostly that is something you can wrap your ectoplasm around ;)