Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pray for Rachel in The Blue of Her Hair, The Gold of Her Eyes

Pray for Rachel in The Blue of Her Hair, The Gold of Her Eyes
John B. Rosenman

My name is Rachel Ross, and my life is good. I have a loving husband and a job that helps others and gives me satisfaction.

Then one day I notice a growth on my left breast. No, it isn’t cancer. I only wish it were. It is
something far, far worse. A deadly, mysterious disease infinitely more horrible than cancer or
leprosy. A disease so terrible that no one dares to speak its name or even mention it.

When my husband hears my diagnosis, he leaves me cold. All my friends shun me, and I am forced to wear a blood red symbol of my disease on my breast. I am the ultimate outcast, a lonely woman hungry for love that people fear and scorn. If I even try to speak to them, they will scream, throw rocks and run.

Then one day I start to change. And change. And change. What am I changing into? As the weeks pass, I think I am turning into a horrible monster. Or perhaps ultimately it will be something transcendent, beyond humanity’s wildest imagination. Either way I am terrified and miserable. Yet I cannot take the pill to end my life which the State eagerly offers me.

The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes is suspenseful science-fiction horror, due out from
MuseItUp in July 2011. It reflects an obsessive theme in my fiction: the theme of transformation. In this story, I take that theme about as far as I can. I try to stretch readers’ minds to the breaking point and beyond. There’s only a few other stories I’ve written that rival this novelette when it comes to transformation, and one of them is More Stately Mansions, a cosmic science-fiction novelette due out from this same publisher in March, 2011.
Remember the song, “Across the Universe”? Well, I try to take us even further. Perhaps I’ll
blog about it next time if I don’t experience a sea change of my own.

Dear Readers, I eagerly invite your comments. For further information on me, please check
my website at, or the MuseItUp website.


Katie Hines said...

Well the story sounds good. At first I thought that maybe you were doing a sort of story like, was it Hawthorne, the woman outcast for adultery and having to wear the letter on her chest. I don't usually read horror, but you've grabbed my attention with this one!

Paul and Karen said...

Scary, John! Cool!

Karen :)

John B. Rosenman said...

Thanks for commenting, Katie, Paul and Karen.

And yes, Katie, The Scarlet Letter definitely crossed my mind when I wrote this story. Hester is a pariah or outcast, and Rachel even more so.

Lin said...

Out of the worst adversity the most stunning miracles can and do happen. Where ther is blue and gold can there be anything less?

Unknown said...

This is a definite must read and review for me. When you need a reviewer, please remember me and my column. Which reminds me, I need to go and post a review there now.
Great left me hungry for more.

Cheryl said...

Oh, a scary one. Sounds good.


Erika Gilbert said...

I've been looking for a good horror to read, and this one sounds intiguing.

John B. Rosenman said...

Thanks for your comments, everybody. Yes, it is horror, perhaps cosmic horror. Perhaps the most frightening thing that can happen to you is to be all alone, without a friend in the world when something terrible is happening to you which you can't even begin to understand.

And thanks, Ginger. I'll be sure to remember you when review time comes.

Here's a question: I know that many of us are afraid of ugly, disgusting, dangerous things, but are we ever terrified of things which are beautiful?

Nancy Bell said...

Hey Rachel, it's Dara from the Oak King's daughter. Men are so lame sometimes aren't they? Give them a little adversity and they bolt! What can you do? I think your blue hair is stunning. Mine is spring green right now, it changes colors with the season, thank Gods it does't fall out in the winter, just goes a pretty dark nut brown. Stay strong Rachel. Dara, the Oak King's daughter