Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blog Posting Ideas

Do you ever feel in a slump as to what to offer a reader on your blog? Walk around like a tiny dinosaur who has lost it's 'oomph'? Well here are some ideas to get you back in the game:

Write a helpful and informative post on a ‘how-to’ related to your blog

Interview people

Write a pro and con post about writing

Offer readers a list of helpful links

Ask your readers to send you articles to post for them

Comment on other blog postings you’ve read with a link back to that person’s blog

Write an inspirational post to give others hope seeing it through your point of view

Write a series of connecting posts, part one, part two, to hook a reader and come back the next
day to find out where you’re going with it

Offer the advantages and disadvantages to a writing theme you know of

Write a helpful post for beginning writers

Add supportive links to one of your posts – perhaps to an earlier post that compliments your present one or even to another blogger’s link

These are just some ideas to get you blogging. More will come at a later date.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Great ideas, Lea. One more - interview a character from one of their books. That's a lot of fun. One blog I did was called the first chapter blog - we added the first chapter of our novel. Also I joined one where we wrote as one of our characters. Also great fun.

Cheryl said...

Excellent ideas, Lea. I've done some of these. I'm always eager to find out what other people are blogging about too. It can inspire more ideas for me.


Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

thanks, I needed that.

Lin said...

I once did an interview of Ben Franklin. I wanted to know what he thought of the world today...of course it was very distratcing since he insisted I interview him during his favorite relaxation practice...taking his nightly air bath, he was totally naked before an open window in the dead of winter...that man was a trip...a genius, but not the least bit shy.

Katie Hines said...

Glad to hear this list. I've been a little stuck, so I'm going to take these ideas and run with them. Thanks, Lea!

Unknown said...

I needed this. I'm so shy and a person of such few words, that blogging is difficult for me. :) Now comes the question I need answered. How do you find the time, especially when you are on more than one blog?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lea for sharing this great list of ideas. I've done a few of these, but there are others I'll definitely give a try.

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz said...

All excellent ideas, Lea. As one who blogs, and sometimes wonders what to write, I'm printing this out and saving it.