Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Muse it Up Theme Song

Roseanne Dowell

Muse it Up, Muse it down,
Muse it all around town.

Muse it hot, Muse it old,
Muse it warm, and Muse it cold.

As many of you know Muse It Up is a close knit family of authors. Lea discusses everything us. During one of our discussions, she talked about a theme for one of our lines. After tossing a couple around, I came up with this little ditty. She dared me to post it, so here it is.
My book, Double the Trouble will be released in March 2011 and a novella, Stranger on the Shore, May 2011 and May I Have This Dance, July 2011. I'm excited and thrilled to be part of this, sometimes zany, family.


Unknown said...

Roseanne that is hilarious.:-)

Lin said...

Kat said it well, but let me just add, thank you for coming on over to our playground. You are a wonderful addition to our happy and delightfully growing family.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Now we'll have to make sure all the authors know it so when we meet in the near future we'll have to sing our 'national pub house anthem'. hehehehe

You guys crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh and the smile.

Roseanne, CONGRATS on your 3 books coming out in 2011. That is AWESOME!!