Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Neither stupid nor an idiot

I get emails from writers almost every day with one question or the other. I've been called anything from 'stupid' to 'an idiot who's taken advantage of''. To those who have given me these nicknames I want to say thank you and please don't hurt yourselves when I slam the door on your butts.

I'm neither stupid nor an idiot. I simply love helping writers because I am a writer and have felt the rejections, the shunning of friendship, the hardship of getting published, the stress of submitting, and so forth. I did not have a mentor nor a writing pal when I began my career and find those who have had the pleasure of meeting up with someone who was there for them makes a big difference in their careers. Perhaps not monetary but less stressful for sure.

I am assuming that the ones who feel the need to baptize me with a variety of names are those who are either hoggers, don't share information, believe themselves to be higher than thou, don't care about their fellow writers, afraid of me, or simply have no understanding of the meaning behind 'networking'.

Once upon a time this used to bother me, sitting for days allowing these negative folks get the best of me. Never again.

If I want to host a FREE online writers conference to help writers, I'll continue because it's not their time or effort that goes into it.

If I want to open my publishing houses and help writers it's not their right to dictate to me what I can or cannot do.

If I want to spend hours on the computer helping writers it's my choice, not theirs.

The reason for this post is to tell writers that you have a choice on how to manage your writing career. People with negative energy will eventually drown you if you allow them. There are many fine writers out there like me who are only more than willing to 'be there' for you. Find them. Join writer's groups. There are plenty of them around. If you feel the group is not a match for you, you're not married to it, leave and find another one.

It's easy to complain but hard to continue and pursue your career. Allowing negative feelings to continue will only stagnate and eventually stop your writing career altogether.

Only those who possess the passion for writing can understand the long hours you devote to your writing. Those who have no clue will never understand and you can turn blue in the face explaining this passion, but they will still not get it. Is it worth your effort to continue explaining, or do you simply ignore, shove the negative energy away, and turn your positive efforts back to what you love to do? I'm hoping you've chosen the latter. I know I have.

Lea Schizas


ChrisChat said...

Head shaking at those who still do not 'get' it. Writing is a lonely experience and we need the networking and those who stand up and offer advice and an ear to listen to our questions.

The writer I thought I was 13 years ago is very different than the writer I am today. And, it is because of those, like Lea, who took time to guide and share.

Writing maybe a lonely experience, but if you reach out you'll never be alone.

Chris S

Rhobin said...

Stay true to your own muse and it cannot lead you astray.

J.Q. Rose said...

I am sooooooooooooo glad you take the positive path to help writers. You're so right, it is a lonely experience, but when writers get together at chats, conferences, etc. we have a great time sharing, learning, and laughing.

Nancy Bell said...

Dear Lea, Please don't ever change! You are so right about choices. Choosing to be open and to share takes courage, because it also sets a person up to be the target of those who are less generous of spirit. But, as you know, we have the choice to decide how we react to the negatismn. Knowing in your heart what is the right path for you to walk makes the choices easier, deflecting the slings and arrows away from our delicate egos not so much. Love you Lea


Lin said...

I am one of the many who got smashed into the ground beneath the boots of other so-called professionals. For ten years I put my writings away, locked within the steel of my filing cabinets collecting dust and living on broken dreams. No More! In less than twenty-four hours I went from one who'd given up on ever believing I could become not just a writer, but an AUTHOR to having a "professional" someone who KNOWS the business say YEAH I'm good enough...AND tell me to break open my filing cabinet and dust off my files. My yeah came on March 29th, 2010. My first book is due to be released December 1st but I also have FIVE more of my muse's creations contracted by the author of this post.

Thank you for being someone willing to take those of us who have not had good experiences and give us the encouragement, the support and the patience to wade through the negativity we have wallowed in. You are one of the BEST and in the end the loyalty you have earned and will continue to earn will prove all those who are wagging their fingers at you how wrong they are!

Marsha A. Moore said...

Thank you for your care and consideration. Those qualities you possess mean a great deal to me as a beginning author.

Unknown said...

Your positive outlook toward helping your fellow authors will go a lot farther than those who concentrate on only themselves and what they have to gain in this venture. As I've said before, the people who drew the very best from me were the ones who made me feel like I was important to the business and my opinions and input mattered.

Since I write historical novels set in the old west, I "likin" your approach to horses. Picture two wagons (Publishing companies) at the foot of hill. Those who have a team of horses are going to make it to the top a whole lot faster, easier, and which much less sweat than one that only has a stubborn ol' mule, or ass, as the case may be. I consider your attitude "paying it forward" and I hope to repay you in kind.

Rebecca Ryals Russell said...

People like Lea are critical to people like myself and perhaps others in this publishing house who require that little push to let our lights shine. Anyone who thinks Lea is doing something stupid doesn't understand humanity and what propels us into a better future. Keep up the good work, Lea.

Uncle Sam said...

Hi Lea, I wish you well in your new endeavor

Dee Dawning