Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Boys Upstairs by Jane Lebak

We'd like to welcome our newest author, Jane Lebak, to the Muse.

The Boys Upstairs (Christmas novella) coming December 2010.

Invite a crippled priest, a jaded cop and a struggling waitress into your home this Christmas.

Meet Jay Farrell, a former wild youth on the rocket train to a lifetime in jail, injured during the war in Iraq, converted while in the hospital (a la St. Ignatius Loyola) and afterward ordained a priest in an impoverished church. He’s been housing homeless children in the underused rectory.

When his estranged brother, formerly his partner in crime and now a cop, brings him three more children, Jay must not only find room for the kids, but also begin to make amends with his brother. As the children take their place at the church community's heart, Jay and Kevin both witness how hope can transform the heart when a person is able to see the potential inside those deemed beyond saving.

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