Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Space Station Murders cover

The Space Station Murders
by A.M. Roelke
Sci-fi Mystery
coming 2011

An ex-cop on a space station struggles to overcome alcoholism and the death of his partner. Against his better judgement, he befriends a
station newbie, and the two begin to investigate the murder of their fellow homeless space station residents.

Friday, September 24, 2010

How long do we have?

Some people believe in reincarnation. Others in eternal damnation, while others in heavenly ever after.

I believe and have always tried to live my life as 'make the best of things now while we are here on this earth.'

How long do we have? Who knows?

One thing is for certain and that's I'm living my dream and pushing forward to make things happen for me. More than that I'm pushing to make things happen for hundreds of writers I have had the pleasure of meeting online over the years.

This picture above symbolizes the reason I push leave something of worth to my family. Whether that worth is monetary or penned words it doesn't matter. What matters is that I have shown them that mom doesn't give up. Mom tries to achieve her goals regardless of the negative feedback dished out.

What has this post got to do with publishing or writing? Everything.

I have seen over the years writers who have given up writing because of the negative forces working against them because they felt boxed in and had no where to turn or trust any more.

I have seen writers who have stood up to fight for their rights and shocked to see 'friends' attack them.

I have seen writers shy away asking questions because others had no patience for newbie questions, forgetting that they, too, were once newbies.

I have seen writers put off their writing because others told them they spend too much time 'playing' and not concentrating on other aspects, like work, family, laundry, taxi driving, etc.

Is there a passion in you to write?

Do you need authentication from others that you are a writer?

Do you want to achieve a writing goal while you still have your noodles neatly packaged and sane? While your eyesight is relatively good to go? While you have all those characters in your head that want to come out and have their stories told?

Are you afraid of rejections?

Regardless of your answers to my questions above the only thing you need to remember is this:

no one has the right to tell you when to write, what to write, where to submit, nor do they have the right to ridicule your passion. You possess a passion to write and this passion needs to be finalized while you are still planted on this earth.

It's unfortunate but we will always be surrounded by negativity. It's how you choose to deal with these situations that will make a difference in your life.

Today I was told of a health issue from a family member which only hit my above motto in life deeper in me. Cherish what you have today for tomorrow may never come. Believe and stand up for yourself because you are worthy.

And I'll part with four important words to remember and say often when negativity strikes,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guilty Kisses and A Wing and a Prayer

Guilty Kisses
by Killarney Sheffield
Historical Romance
coming 2011

A Wing and a Prayer
by Ginger Simpson
Romantic Suspense
coming 2011

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fast Facts About Harvest Moon

*Harvest Moon is set in Northern Alberta. Somewhere between Edmonton and Fort McMurray, to be exact.

*Yes, Saskatoon berries are real.

*I wrote Harvest Moon when I worked at a homeless agency.

*Harvest Moon is perhaps my only work where no one swears, drinks, has sex, or injures someone on purpose. It is more middle-of-the-road for my works (it's neither dark nor lighthearted).

*Winters really can run five to six months long in Alberta (I've shoveled snow at least once in every month but July in the twelve years that I've lived here).

*Harvest Moon has a bit of romance, but isn't about romance. It's about a young woman finding herself again. It does, however, take the "damsel in distress" cliche and has a bit of a fun with it.

Interested in more? Read an excerpt!

Want to purchase a copy for $2.50? Click here!

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Wedding to Die For by Heather Haven cover

A Wedding To Die For
by Heather Haven
Book Two in
The Alvarez Family Murder Series
Coming May 2011

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goodies for Readers

It’s time, dear readers, to announce what we have in store for surprise at a time.

Beginning October 1st, and on the first of each month, one lucky reader will win a FREE e-book.

The rules you ask?

Simple: join our discussions, ask questions to our authors, have fun with us, that’s it. Participate and you have a chance to be one of our monthly winners.

To join our readers group go here:

Give your friends the link above and ask them to join us too. Come October things are going to begin hopping and a'bobbin' all over the place.

But that’s not all:

Join us in our readers group for our December 1st Launch Party and you have a chance to be one of our two lucky winners:

First prize: a year’s worth of ebooks (12 in total)

Second prize: six month’s worth of ebooks (6 in total)

Hold on, we’ve got more...

Between October 1st and 31st we’ll be hosting a Masquerade Blog Festival where each day one of our authors will entertain you with a variety of posts, from short stories, recipes, historical facts of the Halloween season, to decorating tips. In-between these posts there will be random YouTube videos posted and the first reader who jumps in the loop and calls out the title of the song posted will have his or her choice of any one of our released or soon to be released e-books. If soon-to-be-released you will receive the e-book once it debuts.

So tell your friends to join us because we’ve got tons of goodies in store for you each month.

Lea Schizas

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New MuseItYoung theme and Tribute

We've added a new theme to our MuseItYoung category to honor the memory of young Aydin Kendell Hopson:

Aydin: tales of special children who have touched one's life. Stories are fictional and meant to be inspirational to our young readers, to encourage them in any social theme, disability, or hardship and help them move on.

Although we are closed to the other mainstream lines we are open now to our MuseItYoung categories.

To read all of our MuseItYoung categories please go to MuseItYoung