Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fast Facts About Harvest Moon

*Harvest Moon is set in Northern Alberta. Somewhere between Edmonton and Fort McMurray, to be exact.

*Yes, Saskatoon berries are real.

*I wrote Harvest Moon when I worked at a homeless agency.

*Harvest Moon is perhaps my only work where no one swears, drinks, has sex, or injures someone on purpose. It is more middle-of-the-road for my works (it's neither dark nor lighthearted).

*Winters really can run five to six months long in Alberta (I've shoveled snow at least once in every month but July in the twelve years that I've lived here).

*Harvest Moon has a bit of romance, but isn't about romance. It's about a young woman finding herself again. It does, however, take the "damsel in distress" cliche and has a bit of a fun with it.

Interested in more? Read an excerpt!

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