Friday, October 8, 2010

Bonella gets Bit

Bonella & Mummsy Bitter

BONELLA: Bones are itching to get down and dirty with you. Seems you’ve been busting my bones in comments. May I ask if you’ve ever attended anger management?

KILLARNEY: No, in fact Lea always calls me sweetie, of course she probably calls everyone but you sweetie, Bonella.

BONELLA: I'd puke green slime if anyone called me sweetie. You sure she's calling you sweetie and not petty?

Hear you write ‘historical’ fiction. So I’m curious, are you one of those nuts who thinks they lived those periods or do you actually research those times?

KILLARNEY: I do a lot of research of course but too be honest I was terrible in Social Studies as a kid. If I could I would use the horse and buggy mode of transportation, of course the volleyball car pool would be a little slow that way...It would still beat your old bones though!

MUMMSY BITTER: I’m taking over.

BONELLA: Yeah, but-but, Mummsy—

MUMMSY BITTER: Are you arguing with me, Bonella?

LEA: giggles

MUMMSY: I didn’t ask for any comments from the peanut gallery.

LEA: Now just wait—

MUMMSY BITTER: Miss Historical Fiction, or should I call you Horse’ve been tooting your horn about literacy amongst schools and I’m sure your readers—

BONELLA: Human readers.

MUMMSY BITTER: When I need help I’ll ask for your opinion, Bonella.

BONELLA: Yes, Mummsy.

MUMMSY BITTER: So Horse Gal, what is your purpose and goal behind this literacy promotion?

LEA: Good question, Mummsy.

MUMMSY BITTER: Sit beside Bonella. Horse Gal, we have so long for an answer before your turn is up so answer now.

KILLARNEY: Impatient aren't you...

MUMMSY BITTER: Only with writers who don't know their answers.

KILLARNEY: Well, I believe in giving back so I have been organizing writing workshops at some of the local schools. At the end of each workshop the kids are asked to write up to 1000 word story. Our wonderful Muse family has offered to help judge them and donated ebooks and other goodies for prizes. Reading and writing are such important skills for our kids in the day and age of computer games. (Otherwise they might end up illiterate like you Bonella, hehehe)

MUMMSY BITTER: You are a writer, is my assumption correct?

KILLARNEY: Well yes. It had been a dream of mine that started back in high school but got delayed by a short showjumping career, marriage and 5 wonderful kids. Thanks to Lea that dream is now a reality, something that I will forever be grateful to her for.

MUMMSY BITTER: As a writer then please explain to those who show any interest in you why they should fall in love with your writing?

KILLARNEY: Wow Mummsy, that's a deep question for a mummy. I love a romance with a little more mystery to it. I try to create an in-depth plot to support my characters with something other than just falling in love. I guess I just need that 'grandprix jumping feeling' in a story.

MUMMSY BITTER: Do you believe in the undead? Don’t look so shocked. My human time was spent as a reporter and unlike Bonella, I am aware of conducting an interview so please answer the question before I close this interaction and shoot it out the door.

KILLARNEY: I suppose I have to since you are sitting next to me! Off the record though, I have an aunt who swore she lived with the ghost of an old man who banged her cupboards all night long.

MUMMSY BITTER: You have not sparked any interest in me. Bonella, she’s all yours.

BONELLA: So Horsey Ma’am, do you scoop up any manure? Is that the atmosphere where your ‘Muse’ comes from? If not, then where do you lounge and allow your gremlins to write your stories?

KILLARNEY:Are you calling my writing horse pucky, Bonella? I get my muse from some pretty strange places. For instance my 8 yr old son has a black Holland Lop bunny named Dexter who is my heroine's side kick in a novel I am currently working on. Dexter just has such a personality that I had to include him. (And no Bonella, it's not a bunny porn novel so get your mind out of the graveyard!)

BONELLA: Actually, your mind's in the gutter cos I was thinking of that Dexter character from the series that I think is way too cool as a human, killing off the bad guys. Mummsy’s right, you’re not interesting. Take a hi—

LEA: Would you like Mummsy to take over?

BONELLA: Sure, bust my chops and keep quiet with Mummsy.

LEA: The point?

BONELLA: Forget it. Yio, Horsey, one last question: If you could be any person in the world who would you be and why?

KILLARNEY: Humm... I am pretty happy with who I am. This has been a really amazing year. Although sometimes when I watch my thoroughbred stallion frolicking out in the pasture I think it would be nice to run and buck with the wind in my hair like that.

BONELLA: Just like the rest of these cr—and don’t look at me, Lea, I was going to say creative interviews, not crappy—anyways, need to find someone more interesting. Where’s that Curvis guy?

Thanks for the interview Bonella and Mummsy, you guys aren't so bad, a little moldy maybe...
Lea: By the way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE. Have a great weekend and may all your dreams come true.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Way to give it to them, Killi and Lea. They can't get to us Muse authors.

Killarney said...

Nothin' gettin' me down today, it's my birthday! (:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Killarney.

Interesting interview.

Heather Haven said...

Okay, so fun! And happy birthday to one and all!!

Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

Happy Birthday Killarney! I love that you are including Dexter the bunny in your story!


Killarney said...

Thank you all for spending my birthday with me. Have a glass of wine and a slice of cake. I'm going to call it a night, have my dancin' shoes on, hubby is done combining for the night and we're going out to party!
Goodnight everyone.

J.Q. Rose said...

Lea, please keep a tight hold on these scary Halloween creatures. We don't want them playing tricks on our authors. But K certainly handled them well. It was kind of K to spend her birthday with us. Lots of fun.

Lin said...

Happy Birthday Kelli,

Sorry I'm a day late...but the wish is stronger for having some extra time to build. GREAT interview and WOW took on TWO of them. But then Muse Auhtors are so NOT wimps.

I included our two kitties in two different stories I have coming out, Santa is A Lady and In From The's only right to incorporate our four-legged family members in the fun too.

Love You Sweetie...have a great day-after your birthday.