Tuesday, October 5, 2010


by Mary Andrews

My dear readers, I do apologize for this but Blogger and I are at war so this is as good as it gets from me. Though the beast may just be taunting me, when I click on each of the above pages the entire document blows up (not demolition-like) to a readable size.

Please continue to keep watch through the day for I still have an article on decorating indoors,party suggestions and recipes. Now I'm going to go bang my head against the wall until I regain my senses...or fall deeply asleep for a long time.

Don't forget to sign up with the MuseItUp Readers Yahoo group. (There should be a link off t the side of this page to get you there.) Lea's running some contests for free ebooks--You'll need to sign up to be able to hotfoot it over there and be the first to 'Name that tune' everyday.

Also in December, i think, there's an eReader giveaway. Buy one of our eBooks and be entered in the drawing as a thank you....Uh, The Fireborn Chronicles:RESONANCES (book II in the series) will be coming out on November 1st. ((Thought I'd just throw that out there in case you like paranormal science fiction.))

Alright, for now I must sleep--per chance to dream.

The Fireborn Chronicles: RESONANCES
more Man...Machine & the Paranormal


Roseanne Dowell said...

Looks like you enjoy the holiday. Nice post

Killarney said...

One thing I hate about living way out in the country, no one ever gets to see our halloween decorations, but I wouldn't trade my 'love monkey' (stallion) and other critters to live in town. Besides with 5 kids we need a big yard, LOL!
Nice post Mary.

Anonymous said...

Nice Mary - it worked, the pages did enlarge so I could read the how-to's of Halloween decorating. Thanks for sharing.
Kay Dee

Mary Andrews said...

Whew! Thanks for the confirmation KayDee. I was sweating that one out.

Oh, Killarney, how lucky are you? You get to live out in the country, have a horse, AND five kids for a work force. You'll have to post pics of your decorations. In this day and age, EVERYBODY can see them if you do.

Thanks all for dropping by. See ya next time(Oct 12 & 17th), cuz I've got more.

TTFN --Mary A.