Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Games for Little Partiers

 Throwing a party?

Pucker Up
What You Need
·    Straws
·    Construction paper
·    Bowl
1.    Before the party, ask your kids to help you cut ten Halloween shapes, such as ghosts, bats and pumpkins from construction paper. Each shape should be about the size of a silver dollar. Place the shapes in a pile beside a small bowl.
2.    Using the straw as a vacuum, each contestant tries to pick up a shape and place it in the bowl to create the Witch's Stew. Time the players to see who can get all ten in the bowl the fastest.
Cut out several sets of shapes and let the players race head to head.


Trap the Ghost
What You Need
·    Paper towels
·    Small balls
·    Yarn
·    Markers
·    Pennies
·    Large paper circle
·    Large funnel
·    Die
1.    Before the party, make ghosts by draping a piece of paper towel around a small ball, such as a Superball (or in a pinch, a wadded-up paper towel). Cinch the towel around the ball and secure with one end of a 2-foot length of yarn.
2.    Have guests draw a face on their ghosts with markers.
3.    At the start of the game, each player is given ten pennies. Choose one person to be the goblin. The other players lay their ghosts on the large paper circle and hold on to the yarn leash. The goblin holds the funnel, upside down, at least 2 feet above the circle.
4.    The goblin chooses two numbers on a die, announces them to the group, then rolls. If either of the chosen numbers appears, the players try to pull their ghosts out of the circle before the goblin can slam the funnel down over them. If a player is caught, he must give the goblin a penny. If the chosen numbers do not appear, but the players panic and yank their ghosts out of the circle anyway, it's another penny to the goblin. The goblin, for his part, is allowed to fake a funnel slam, but if he touches any ghost, he must shell out a penny to each player. After three rolls of the die, the next player takes over as goblin. Play is over when one player runs out of pennies. The player with the most coins wins.
As a party favor, let each guest keep her ghost—and pennies.


Graves End
The people of Grave's End just discovered that someone -- or something! -- has messed with the town's famous historical marker. It might have been bewitched by a legendary pirate ghost that haunts the village! Oddly, many villagers can still read the sign. Can you?

On tihs sopt in 1708, the rseidnets of Grave's End fuoght a btatle agiasnt the priate Captain E. Ville Dewar and his wckied cerw. The btatle wnet on for tirheten dyas and edend Octoebr 31, wehn the ctizeins sank thier sihp. Smoe say the veengful Captain apaeprs ervey Haloleewn to cuase msicheif in the twon. Msot cizitnes rfesue to bleeive in the ghsot leegnd, clalnig it "nnonesse."

What's Going On: Reading hexed text is easier than it looks, right? Language experts aren't entirely sure why, but one theory is that we don't usually read words letter by letter, we read them as whole units. So keeping the first and last letters of jumbled words in the right positions helps us decode them. Using short words and predictable language and mixing in words that are spelled correctly are also thought to have an effect. Deos taht mkae snese?


This blog post was prepared for your enjoyment by Rebecca Ryals Russell, author of YA/MG Fantasy. You can see more about this author at YellowHatAuthor or Plotting Worlds You can read about her upcoming YA Dark Fantasy series Seraphym Wars. Book 1 Odessa is due to be released April 1, 2011 at Book 1 Zarena, of her MG series, Stardust Warriors, is due to be out July 1, 2011 at Muse as well. She also has a very dark horror story, Don't Make Marty Mad, coming out next Halloween at MuseItUp Publishing. And if you write for teens or are a teenaged writer, visit Teen Word Factory, a grog produced by several YA/MG Muse authors filled with helpful writing advice and suggestions. You can also reach Rebecca directly at myrnawatts (at) gmail (dot) com.


Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz said...

Rebecca, thanks for sharing these fun activities for kids. Great way to get ready for safe, Halloween fun.

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stevenjared0853 said...

Awesome! I came across this post at the right time. I must share this post with my sister because we are planning a Halloweens party this year at an outdoor LA venue. I have all the ideas for the decoration and costume. This post just completed everything else.

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