Friday, October 8, 2010

Killarney Sheffield Blogs Birthdays

Hello all, my name is Killarney Sheffield. I am a historical romance author with Museitup. Today is my birthday and in honor of birthdays I will be blogging about the special things related to that oh so important day. Stick around, enjoy and please leave a post.

I wish that I could say that my birth was unassuming and uneventful but that is just not the case according to my mother. My mother and birth father did the big D thing before I was born. Yes I am one of Canada's divorce statistics (among many other statistics) Story has it that it was an unusually warm fall afternoon and my mother thought to take advantage of the sun and fall colors to sit back on the deck in a patio chair and enjoy the scenery. Hehehe, I guess I had other ideas, perhaps I wanted to enjoy the lovely day myself. Well my poor mother went into labor 2 months early. Imagine her double distress when she realized that she was not only in labor but stuck in that blasted deck chair. Along came her neighbor and friend Jim, one of Canada's finest, a police officer. Yup, Mom got to ride in a police car, sirens blaring and she didn't even have to get arrested first! Okay, so Mom didn't think it was cool but I do...
The Penticton General Hospital (Southern British Columbia, Canada) tried to stop the labor with no success. I was born at 2:35 pm on October/ 08/ 1972. I weighed 3 lbs 12 oz. The story doesn't end there. At 3 days old I was flown by helicopter to Vancouver Children's Hospital because my heart doubled in size. (I was the first baby to use the new innovative incubators there.) When I finally returned home a month later my Mom dressed me in baby doll clothes because regular baby clothes were still too big.
My Mom says one of her fondest birthday memories is my 3rd birthday. All I wanted was a Fisher Price record player (ok, I am dating myself here (: ) When I received the much anticipated toy I took it to bed with me every night for months tucked safely under the covers beside me.
One of my earliest birthday memories was my 8th birthday. I desperately wanted the Barbie horse 'Dallas'. My Mom, being the prankster she is, bought me the toy horse and wrapped it up in the box that my new (and hated) figure skates had come in. I remember ripping the wrapping paper off the box and promptly bursting into tears. It took my Mom quite a while to talk me into opening the box. Imagine my surprise and relief to find not skates, but 'Dallas' nestled inside.

Yes, from the time I could talk and walk a horse was the only birthday and Christmas wish that was a constant in my life. My dreams finally came true when I bought my first horse on October 15th 1989,
just after my 16th birthday. I cleaned stalls before school and weekends for two years to earn the
$800.00 to buy him and $200 I needed for 1 winter's hay.

Do you have any special birthday memories? If so, please share them with us today.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Happy birthday, Killarney. What a start you got, wow and look at you now.

Killarney said...

Thank you Roseanne. You know it is funny how things turn out. Last year I wasn't thrilled at turning 37 but this year turning 38 is wonderful. I have had an amazing year, been blessed with 5 healthy kids, a hubby who is supportive, a wonderful group of friends here and in my community and a terrific publisher in Lea here at Muse. I am really looking forward to year 38, it's going to be incredible!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a wonderful day. I have been your interesting posts today & am really looking forward to reading your books soon!