Friday, October 8, 2010

Let's Talk Libra by Killarney Sheffield

Libra Sept. 23rd to Oct. 23rd
Positive traits---Diplomatic - Romantic - Artistic - Sensitive - Polite - Cooperative - Idealistic.
Negative traits--- Self-doubting - Aggressive - Detached - Melancholic.
Relationships---Librans should never marry young, as they will invariably regret it at some time. They are romantics and require to be wined and dinned and swept off their feet! The are not very good judges of character in relationships and so should make haste slowly. When they do meet the right person, they make excellent partners and parents.
Career---Librans like to have and spend money, and mostly go for careers that provide just that, they are inclined to be materialistic, but are not too good at holding on to the money that they accrue. Generous in nature, they are popular work companions who are reliable and hard working. They are popular with friends, of which they often have a great many. They are never short of invites
Leisure---As a rule they do not like physical exertion, but will have periods in their lives when they frantically try to keep fit, only to drop the idea again when whatever crisis is past. Gentle steady exercise is the best for the Libra frame.
Colour - Green. Animal Totem - Dragon. Food - Beans - Flower - Orchid. Gemstone - Sapphire. Image - Gentle
Food---Breads, pulses, rice, pasta, with spicy toppings will suit Libra, as will very hot chilli and curry to add fire to the air in their sign.

Here is an example of a listing for your typical Libra. Well, there are a few things on here that do fit me. My favorite colors are emerald green and burgundy. I am artistic, I enjoy working in pastels and chalk. I think I have all of the positive traits (hubby might disagree) but very few of the negative. I hate spicy food but I am a hopeless romantic, although the whole wined and dinned and swept off the feet thing...Well, here's a little story about how I met my husband of 15 yrs.
I was training with a show jumping coach full time until he lost his lease on the equine center he resided at. I took a temporary job looking after a small stable of Saddlebred horses. The stable was situated on a family dairy farm. Everyday I would walk passed the calf barn and oh and aw over the cute little dairy calves. I asked the owner of the dairy and horses if these calves where fed with a bottle like I had seen on Sesame Street. (yup I am of the cookie monster generation) My boss said go and see my herdsman Bob and he will make you a bottle and let you feed one. Well I had a blast and started helping Bob feed the calves every night after I was finished with the horses. Finally after a week he asked me if I would like to go to the local cattle auction with him. We went, he bought me a burger and soda, the rest is history. Five months later we were married and had our first child on the way.
Yes, I can be very self doubting, just ask museitup editor Lea. I was definitely in 'REALLY?' land for a while after her acceptance letter. As for the exercise thing...well with 5 kids under 15 yrs I get enough chasing them around plus I live of a farm with horses, chickens, cows, rabbits, dogs, cats and chinchillas to take care of, so I'm always on the go.
My mom gave me a coffee cup once with an excerpt about Libras on it and I think the last line pretty much sums me up. It said, “A hopeless romantic who thinks life should be fair, what a fool.” Yup, that's me. Thank you for joining me today and hopefully getting to know the woman behind the books. Drop me a line anytime, I'd love to hear from you and chat.

Killarney Sheffield


Ellyn said...

Well I will add one more thing regarding Libras. Raising Libras is not always easy - they insist on fairness and their sense of fairness tends to be their own created definition. The scales are a perfect symbolic representation for Libras as balance is a huge key to their sense of peace in this world. Thanks for the wee story Killarney!

Unknown said...

I've never believed in Zodiac signs. I figure when something in a fortune or forcast jives, it's fate. There has to be a match sometimes, but in my case, I rarely if ever fit the profile. If I picked my husband based on his "sign", we never would have made it fifteen years, nor would I have reach thirty-two the first time around. But for those of you who find hope in believing, then I'm happy for you. Sounds like your "sign" is right on for your personality, Killarney. Congratulations. :)

Mary Andrews said...

Happy birthday Killarney. Great idea for an article. Where did you get that horescope? I'm a Libra too and it is spot on--not the spicy food...and my fav colors are maroon & black...maybe I'm on a cusp since it was on sept 28th.

Anyway, nice job

--Mary Andrews