Saturday, October 30, 2010

Listings of Over 100 Horror Movies Good, Bad and Ugly

Can't spell SLAUGHTER without LAUGHTER - oxymoron

Do you enjoy watching scary movies for and on Halloween? Here are some you may or may not have seen. I've listed them according to my own Russell Scale of Watchability.

With Halloween approaching I thought it timely to discuss Horror and Slasher Films. I've been shocked in the past twenty years at the plethora of these films that have graced our theatre and television screens. It seems nearly half of the movies made fit this genre.

I’m going to age myself here, as though you couldn’t guess from my pictures anyway, but when I was about twelve-years-old The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock came out. I was babysitting my sister, five years younger, and we watched it. Alone. Just the two of us. BIG MISTAKE. We woke each other during the night for bathroom company (which was about three feet from our bedroom door) for at least two months afterward. That was the scariest movie I had ever seen.

I had my own children watch it about ten years ago. While they enjoyed the classic nature and awesome direction that was Hitchcock, they weren’t exactly scared. Although the younger ones searched the sky whenever traveling from house to car or vice versa.

That is what has happened to the current generation of teens and twenties. They are completely desensitized to horror, gore, violence. Don’t even get me started on video games! (That’ll be another post.)

 As with all movie genres there are good films and bad to awful films. While researching this I gave it some thought and have categorized the following Horror to A-little-Scary movies into GOOD or NOT SO GOOD according to MY subjective movie-goer senses. If a movie has some psychology behind the scare or is based on actual events, it gets my thumb up. But violence and gore for the sake of it – no go.

The following sites have good info on horror/slasher films:

  1. 1408
  2. 28 Days Later
  3. 28 Weeks Later
  4. 30 Days of Night
  5. Alien(s)
  6. Amityville Horror (original)
  7. Blair Witch Project 1
  8. Burnt Offerings
  9. Candyman
  10. Carrie (original)
  11. Coraline
  12. Cube
  13. Dawn of the Dead
  14. Deliverance
  15. Desperation
  16. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (original)
  17. Event Horizon
  18. Exorcism of Emily Rose
  19. Fallen
  20. Four Horsemen
  21. Frankenstein
  22. Haunting in Connecticut
  23. I Am Legend
  24. Interview With a Vampire
  25. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original)
  26. Jaws
  27. Misery
  28. Mothman Prophecy
  29. Mouth of Madness
  30. Ninth Gate
  31. Nosferatu
  32. Panic Room
  33. Pan's Labyrinth
  34. Planet of the Apes
  35. Poltergeist
  36. Psycho
  37. Quarantine
  38. Resident Evil
  39. Ringu
  40. Rose Red
  41. Rosemary's Baby
  42. Salem's Lot
  43. Seven
  44. Shutter Island
  45. Silence of the Lambs
  46. Sleepy Hollow
  47. Stir of Echoes
  48. Storm of the Century
  49. Sweeney Todd
  50. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
  51. The Birds
  52. The Blob
  53. The Descent
  54. The Devil’s Backbone
  55. The Exorcist
  56. The Fly (w/ Jeff Goldblum)
  57. The Howling
  58. The Langoliers
  59. The Legend of Hell House
  60. The Mummy
  61. The Omen
  62. The Orphanage
  63. The Other
  64. The Others
  65. The Ring 1
  66. The Serpent and the Rainbow
  67. The Shining
  68. The Stand
  69. The Thing
  70. The Unborn
  71. Underworld (series)
  72. Untraceable
  73. What Lies Beneath
  74. White Noise
  75. Zodiac Killer
  76. Zombieland

Some things to remember about these lists. They are subjective to the viewer - ME. I have seen most of the movies on the bad list and while I enjoyed them at the time or at least sat through them at least once, I didn't consider them worthy of being called GOOD. The plot was weak, the characterization was weak or non-existent, the ending was lame. You get the point. But there is no reason not to see them just because I put them on my bad list. I love B-rated movies, especially those on the SyFy Channel, but some of these don’t even stand up to my low standards.

  1. 13 Ghosts
  2. 2001 Maniacs
  3. Alien 3 & Resurrection
  4. Arachnophobia
  5. Black Christmas
  6. Cabin Fever
  7. Children of the Corn
  8. Chucky
  9. Cloverfield
  10. Drag Me toHell
  11. Exorcist 2
  12. Final Destination (all)
  13. Friday the 13th (all)
  14. Ghost Ship
  15. Grindhouse (both)
  16. Halloween (all)
  17. Hellraiser
  18. Hostel
  19. House of Wax
  20. I Know What You Did Last Summer
  21. It!
  22. Jaws the Revenge
  23. Joy Ride (all)
  24. My Bloody Valentine
  25. Nightmare on Elm Street
  26. Pet Semetary
  27. Piranha
  28. Prom Night
  29. Pterodactyl
  30. Rest Stop
  31. Return of the Living Dead
  32. Saw (all)
  33. Scream
  34. Silent Hill
  35. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  36. The Grudge (all)
  37. The Hills Have Eyes
  38. Wickerman
  39. Wrong Turn (all)

Here is a listing of Scary stories based on actual events. While I’m not saying these films are GOOD, they are at least interesting from that aspect.
  1. It (1990)
  2. The Ring(1972)
  3. Don't Look Now(1973)
  4. The Exorcist (1973)
  5. Halloween (1978)
  6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
  7. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
  8. Jaws(1975)
  9. Audrey Rose(1977)
  10. Hills have Eyes(1977)
  11. The Amityville Horror(1977)
  12. The Entity(1981)
  13. Dead Ringers(1988)
  14. Gothic(1986)
  15. Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)
  16. An American Haunting (2006)
  17. Primeval (2007)
  18. Them (Ils) (2007)
  19. The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)


Cellophane Queen said...

Just my speed of scariness:

Nightmare Before Christmas

The Boogieman song is not to be topped. Shedding spiders and other vile stuff while singing a great tune. What's better than that?

Also (in the same VEIN (notice the scary part):

The Corpse Bride

Unknown said...

I loved both of those. You might like The Others. A ghost story with Nicole Kidman with a HUGE twist - NOT scary at all but unique. One of my favs.

Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

Rebecca, excellent compilation! The Birds, is hands down the scariest movie ( and the first one I'd ever seen) as a kid. Fun post!