Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poems I'd Like to Share by Nancy M Bell

Welcome to Day 2 of the October Masquerade Bash! I thought I would share some poetry with you today. October is about beginings and endings. The begining of cold weather and the end of summer`s heat, so these poems also deal with transitions. I hope you enjoy them. Nancy

Bitter Ashes

The taste of bitter ashes on my tongue

All the more potent for their age

The things I should have said

Coiled about the things I did say

Time slides by in endless flood

Bearing my choices out of reach

Things I can`t change

Things I wouldn`t change

The line from an old Kristofferson song

``I`d rather be sorry for something I`ve done

Than for something that I didn`t do.``

Oh, the things I didn`t do!

Choices that affected other`s lives

More compassion here, more forgiveness there

The phone calls I didn`t make

The words I didn`t say

The taste of bitter ashes on my tongue

More potent for their age


How do I let you go?

I could rip my heart from chest

Smother its beating, yet it would still mourn your loss

Silent cries echoing across the skies

How do I sever the silver thread

That binds your path to mine?

How do I let you go

When each day is still filled with you?

How do I cauterize the bleeding wound

Left by your going?

The bright blood flows across the floor

Tracing where you walked, following you still

How do I let you go

When all my steps lead back to you?

Pale tears falling in a watery pink dawn

While the purple crocus bloom beside your headstone

October Geese

Twice a year when the wild geese go over

I think of you.

The brisk whisk of their wings in the wind

They fly black against the sunset sky

Older than me by forty years

Still we are sisters under the skin

A knowing that extends beyond this life

Bonds forged in the fire of earth's youth

On Samhain Eve you travelled on

Leaving with the banner of October flying

Wild geese cried across Channel Rock

Your spirit; earth anchored no more

Flew with them

The wild geese flying and their voice in the sky

Connected us; a country apart

When the wild geese flew

We knew you thought of me

and I of you

When the wild geese fly

I believe you travel with them

Spirit flung against the brave sky

Your voice in their wild song

Your spirit on their wings

You travel where I cannot follow

My earth-bound spirit seeks release

For a moment; I join you in your flight

You and the wild geese flying


Nancy Bell said...

Hmmm, Bonella did you mess with the formating on my poems? Hmmmm???? Oh, well my readers will have to read around the lines instead of in between them. LOL My apologies for the wacky line spaces.


PS be sure to take in my entertaining interview with Bonella due to be posted later. :~)

Roseanne Dowell said...

You have to watch that skinny bag of bones, she's mean. I don't know what her problem is. My interview with her is tomorrow and I shudder to think how that's going to turn out. I'm trying to set up an interview for my blog with her. We'll see how that goes. Not sure if she'll show up for it or not. Maybe I'll even post it here.

Karen McGrath said...

Beautiful poems, Nancy!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, thanks for sharing your poems. I enjoyed them.

Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

Just beautiful... Nancy. Thank you for sharing!