Saturday, October 9, 2010

Trick or Treat =^..^=



L.J. Holmes

Through eyes narrowed to barely a slit, and body arched against any directive, she moved slowly, very slowly, each footfall silent, more silent than the night. Her ears twitched. Was that a creak upon the distant steps? Her nostrils flared and her lungs inflated. What scent was wafting on the night breeze? Danger, danger was heading her way.

Her agile mind engaged. Should she stand and fight or retreat and hope she’d find a hiding place that would avoid discovery? She was not without weaponry. Indeed she possessed the sharpest, strongest, and most lethal weapons of her time.

Her pinpoint gaze quickly scanned the area looking for regions of safe retreat, or decided advantage. There, where the curtains masked the window behind them; would she be able to launch a surprise attack from that vantage point, or would she be cornered with no retreat?

Her nostrils scrunched and quivered. The odor of approaching menace was pressing forward more strongly. The threat was growing closer the longer she wavered. She needed to make her decision and quickly.

Looking up, she found a niche, just big enough for her to acquire. Deftly she navigated from the floor to that table, to that shelf, to her final place of attack. Her ears cocked. The danger was almost upon her. She waited—one minute, five, time seemed to stand still.

The sound of the door creaking open amplified, making it seem like a boom of slow thunder to her waiting ears, and then her eyes, keen eyes that could pierce the dark long before the light switch could be flipped, saw it. Without further thought she unleashed her weapons, flew across the room and attacked.

It was over in a hair’s breath and she stood over her defeated victim with a wickedly triumphant grin and a twinkle of conquest in her glowing eyes.

“You killed your witch’s hat,” the other one wailed. “Now what will you wear for Halloween?”

She opened her mouth and let out a resounding “Meow!” turned, gave her human pet her classic butt pose, then slithered off swishing her tail in victory.

Humans need to learn that cats do not do dress-up. We are CATS and if you try to turn us into Halloween decorations, our claws will have their revenge!

=^..^= Trick or Treat =^..^=

And here are but a few reasons why no self respecting cat will let themselves become Halloween fodder.


Unknown said...

I like the cat in the scuba outfit. LOL

L. K. Below/Lindsay Below said...

Haha Lin, those pics were hilarious! And thanks for sharing the cute story, it made me smile :)

Killarney said...

I love the first cat's disgusted look.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed your post and laughed at the pics. people really dress up their cats? I know my sister bought her boyfriend's dog a leather jacket for Christmas last year...and the animal loved it. :)

Lin said...

They sure do dress their cats up like this. Right after uploading this last weekfor todays' release I was out shopping at Target and they had this big section and it said COSTUMES FOR YOUR PET'S TRICK AND TREATING. An ENTIRE row was set up with costumes for dogs and cats of all sizes.

Kat dared me to try to put a tutu on Spatz, our baby cat...I told her not until she got me a suit of armor, face shield, gauntlettes and steel toed boots. Needless to say Spatz is tutu-free as we speak. :>)

Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

Lin wonderful story! Just how the heck do you get a cat into a diving suit anyway?


J.Q. Rose said...

You had me hooked on that opening paragraph...Loved the story and the pictures are a hoot. Thanks!

Lin said...

Thank you, All.Sara, luckily I was not the one that had to get that poor cat into the scuba suit, but Kat says it is her favorite of all the photos. I would not have wanted to be the one to try pulling and tugging to get that cat INTO that suit. I have enough trouble swiping a petting of our oldest cat's tail without risking hand and limb. Which we so think is unfair. We despaired she'd ever have a tail, as a kitty all she had was a stump, but when it finally blossomed she became so greedy we don't dare get near it unless we want to thin out our blood.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the story. Cute ending. I like the scuba cat picture.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what the cat will do with the scuba suit ~ thanks for sharing this delightful story and those pics ~ Feline Cattitude ^_^

Unknown said...

I HAVE SUCH A BIG SMILE ON MY FACE!!! Thank you sweet-Lin. You're a doll and I love you dearly. What a treat. Where do you find all these?

Tanja said...

I'm with Kat! He seems to be madefor it.