Friday, October 8, 2010

Where Do You See Yourself - Musings by Killarney Sheffield

Where do you see your self on your 20th, 40th & 60th Birthdays?

Think about that question for a few minutes. I was asked this once as part of a high school writing assignment and my response was simple. On my 20th birthday I see myself as an equine vet with a successful show jumping career, doing what I love riding, training horses and teaching kids to ride. On my 40th birthday I saw myself still working with horses, married to a cowboy, and owning my own Equine Center. On my 60th birthday, well just more of the same.
In reality on my 20th birthday I was slaving away taking equine related college courses. I did have a short show jumping career but the switch from using Thoroughbreds for jumping to the current trend of Warmbloods was my fall from the big time. Working to put myself through college just didn't include leftover thousands for an expensive show horse. At 30 yrs of age I switched to breeding Thoroughbreds and Appendix Quarter Horses as I now had 5 children and there just wasn't enough time in the day to show, compete or do much training. This year, due to the economy even the horses have dwindled to my stallion 'Stamp de Gold' aka 'Love Monkey' a couple mares and a couple riding horses. My husband knew that I still 'played' around with a little writing here and there. He encouraged me to write a couple articles for a local newspaper. Well, I did and was amazed by the editor's response. I got up the courage to send a manuscript to a couple of romance publishers and got some favorable responses, including one from Museitup Publishing. So here I am, I believe that saying that God never closes a door without opening a window. My life has taken a new path. Where will I be on my 40th and 60th birthdays? Only time will tell but I am sure horses will be a part of my life and I can only hope that Museitup and writing will still be a force too.
Where do you see your self on your 20th, 40th & 60th birthdays?


L. K. Below/Lindsay Below said...

I've already passed my 20th, but I fully expect to be surrounded with kids and writing when I'm 40. Probably still writing (but kids have left) when I'm 60. Who knows, really?

S.A. Larsenッ said...

Wow, love this. Passed 20 but was lustfully in love. Not 40 just yet, one more year, but I see publication. Hee...and 60 is way too far away. I don't have 5 kids, but I do have 4 and keeping my brain on track for just today is an accomplishment. lol

Killarney said...

LOL, I hear you there Sal.

Ellyn said...

From the time I learned to write, I wrote and have always seen myself as a writer. Although my first published work wasn't until my 30's, it took until my mid-40's while completing my Masters in Educational Leadership to learn "how" I write best. At age 49 I am a writer and continue to see myself as such.
Happy Birthday Killarney - have the best weekend ever!


Cellophane Queen said...

O gawd! I have to think about my 80th if we're jumping in 20-year chunks. I suspect I'll be doing what I'm doing now.

I know what I WAS doing on my 20th. At least, I think I remember, but it was the 60's you know. From HS, was pretty much doing what I expected (going to college) and one unexpected (got married).

At 40 (calculate calculate), absolutely would never have guessed I'd be a pioneer in the personal computer industry. I expected to be teaching English Lit in college.

At 60, blissfully retired for two years and finally able to attend to writing fiction.

I admire you kids for going after it while you're still young rather than waiting around like I did. I do have several thousand pages of technical documentation in my resume. At least, I don't need the basic grammar class at the Conference.

(OMG, did I just say that? What if I have mistakes in this post? Fret fret. Wait! I'm old enough to say screw it.)

Killarney said...


J.Q. Rose said...

Twenty saw me single and attending college to be a teacher. Forty saw me with two daughters and my husband and I owning and operating a floral and garden center business. Sixty saw me with four grandsons (recently added a granddaughter too!!) and writing while full time RVing. I also started out writing articles for the local paper after we sold our business. You're right, you never know where life will take you. And that's the fun of it!!