Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Now Available-Hurricane Warning 0.99

A hurricane! Just what Linda Morrison needs to welcome her to her new home in Florida. Fearing her recent purchase may end up a bundle of sticks, she’s relieved when a hero swoops in wearing a yellow slicker and offering help. Carlos Mejia is eye candy for sure, but she needs those muscles to help board up the window. Together they ride out the storm raging outside, but inside there’s more than a little electricity in the air.


A face materialized from beneath the slicker. Masculine eyes, as dark as onyx peered at her. “I was wondering the same.”

He swept back his hood, allowing his ebony hair to dance in the blustery current. His square jaw and tanned face softened with a smile. “I’m your neighbor from down the street. I thought perhaps you might need some assistance. My sister, Marcie, tells me you live alone. If this storm notches itself up a bit, we’re in for a turbulent night.”

Against warning bells about strangers, she sought escape from the elements. She knew his sister…maybe, the name rang vaguely familiar. “Please, come in.” Linda gestured, but kept a tight grip on the door to keep it from slamming into the wall. Her heart thudded. Would her murder top the evening news? She could just see the headline now, “Stupid woman opens door to stranger during storm.”

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Romance in the Morning?

 I was going through files, trying to sort out the mess that has become my computer, and I found my short humorous book published a few years back.  I called it a "toilet" book because the content is short enough for one sitting.  :) 

In the chapter where I talked about my honeymoon, I found this passage.  I have to share because I often wonder about  romance first thing in the morning.  All the soap stars don't seem to suffer from "morning" mouth...aren't we supposed to be realistic?

Here's a sample:

You know, since my first “virginal” night, I’ve read a lot of romance
books about steamy, passionate, fulfilling sex on wedding nights.
Yeah, today, it’s probably true. People practice with 100 partners or
more before they get married. By that time, they know what they’re
doing. But even back in my younger days, there were books like that.
Who wrote them? Do you really believe people wake up, first thing in
the morning, with pasty teeth and bad breath and roll over and say,
“let’s make love, sexy”? And, for those of you who think sweat is a
turn-on, I’d like to discuss your reasoning. I could never write a book
based on any personal romance experiences. I could maybe…fill out a
medium-size post-it note. I just think it’s a wonderful thing that we all
have such great imaginations. I’ve been around a lot but I still haven’t
seen the guy they keep describing in all those books… “He had a butt
to die for.” The only ones I’ve seen have had pimples on them, and I’m
not giving up my life for a zit.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Writers-Dreamers-Writers- Questions

As writers we tend to dream our story lines, content with naysayers, visualize the smiles on our readers faces while they flip through our penned pages and a hundred other emotions, like writer's block, timelines, research, deadlines, submitting, anxiously anticipating a response, and more.

Our minds fill with characters who talk to us at the most inappropriate times. Do we care?

Once upon a time there was a writer who dreamed of becoming a storyteller and moved forward on his or her dream. Are you this writer?

Don't self-publish...self-publish...don't go with this publisher...change this...edit that...


I pick up my pen and write. I am a writer! I don't listen to others when they put my time and effort down.


Do I sound as though I'm rambling? Perhaps I am or perhaps I am simply painting a small portrait of a mind of a writer during his or her writing process...insane...unbalanced...yet very fulfilling for that writer.

Do I care what other non-writers think?

The verdict isn't clear in my mind...I want to I good enough...can I be a Stephen I care?

Proudly I enter a room and when asked what I do...I smile...and say...

I am a writer, a very good writer.

Finally, I have no indecision anymore.

I write because I want to.
I write because it heightens my senses and allows the storyteller in me to come out and play.
I write because there are people in my head who want to come out and show their story.





A song for your Muse?

Has any writer ever tried singing a song to their Muse? Not sure if the Muse is male or female? Does it matter? Maybe the Muse needs a love song to bring 'it' out of its shell?

Whatever the case may be, I danced to this song today and the Muse whammed me with words to finish a chapter I was stuck on. Maybe you just need to find the right song to get the Muse flowing.

If you find that song let me know with a comment.

Here's the one I found that worked for me today.

Silent Night - for you Kat

Silent Night is one of my favorite songs. Dad used to love this song and sing it as soon as the first snowfall covered the grounds or when the holiday season came around.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Upon Us

The holidays are almost here and since this is my favorite time of the year besides October and Halloween, I'd like to post from now on several of my favorite holiday songs, beginning with this one.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Mother of the Bride becomes BONELLA

Finally, the conclusion of THE WEDDING.

So we're back in the church...

but wait...why is the altar so bare of people?

Why is the bride still waiting in the limo? I'll tell you why. When we arrived the two best men came out and asked, "Where are the stefana/crowns?" My heart at this point starts to pump like mad. I get out of the limo, enter the church, and walk up the aisle to my mom, who was smiling and saying how pretty the big candles are.

"Mom, did you see the man who delivered the candles where he put the silver tray with the stefana?"

When mom turned white and shot her hand to her mouth I knew there was a BIG problem.

You see, you can have a thousand candles or no candles, but if you don't have those crowns to place on the bride and groom's head to bless, there's NO CEREMONY.

Now I'm a very calm person so I went in the office to call the store to see what happened and if they could PLEASE bring the stefana asap. The lady on the phone said the man forgot them in the truck. Now, I don't know but when you pay an arm and a leg for things and them being Greek knowing full well that the stefana are THE main items along with the rings needed to begin a ceremony, it begins to irk you the wrong way. An apology would have sufficed but I got a "things happen" response that had me forgetting I was in church at the moment. I only remembered when I heard the man who chants in the ceremony giggle. I apologized, hung up, and walked out of the office to let the mother in law know what was happening. Poor people were hearing me rant and rave in Greek but no idea what was happening.

A bit later the priest comes out of his office and tells me at this point (1:30 and the marriage was to be held at 1:00) that if the crowns don't come soon he won't have time to perform the ceremony because at 2:00 there was another event. Let me backtrack, at this point it was already about ten minutes past the time the rude lady on the phone told me the crowns would have arrived.

Now look closely at this picture...see the glum faces? See one of the best men looking down toward the door? See the shadow? That's me, a very angry and pissed off mother of the bride with my future son in law's cell, dialing and cursing...softly. Everything would not have exploded, I would not have said I was going to rip someone a new you know what IF that lady on the phone didn't tell me "Things happen, what do you want me to say. Next time come take the crowns yourself." Holy Toledo, she just didn't say that to me. No apology, no nothing. "If those crowns are not here in two minutes flat, you are getting the bill for this ceremony THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN unless your man gets here on time. You're BLEEPING Greek, how could you forget to deliver the crowns!!!" At this point I see the man running across the street with the silver tray and crowns. "I have nothing more to say to you until I see you in person next week. God help you!!!" and I hung up on her. Turning around I see all three limo drivers giving me thumbs up. I giggled and got back in the mood of the day.

My gals were happy campers albeit a bit embarressed at mom's, um...demeanor. GRIN.
The groom and his parents were relieved and I don't think there is going to be an Italian/Greek war. hehehehe They are, like I mentioned in my previous blog posting, a sweet and awesome family. The groom's smile is almost singing...GOING TO THE CHAPEL AND I'M GONNA BE MARRIED...

Hubby and me were delighted to go down the aisle with our beautiful daughter finally.

The ceremony begins.

The crowns were blessed, criss-crossed three times by one of my twins, the blessing continues with the drinking of the wine from the same goblet...

And yes, I shortened the church portion, gave you only the highlights of our woes that did turn out perfect at the end. The priest was fantastic; did the service in Greek and English with no hesitation, and sped through it like he was wearing Jim Hartley's Superman costume. hehehehe

and the bride and groom were pronounced man and wife, and we sped outta there for pics and then off to the hall where the dancing, drinking, and eating commenced.

To the happy couple who are off on a cruise...

I wish you nothing but love and happiness.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wedding more pics

We're back at her house and this is daddy with his daughter.

Here's a group shot of us for the outside photo shoot before we go to the hall. See hubby's hair flying? Yep, it was windy and our smiles is telling the photographer...take the shot, take the shot, I'm going to fall over like a popsicle, take the shot! But in all reality, the photographer and videographer were great, fun people, and glad they were there..but...TAKE THE SHOT!

The parents of the groom, an amazing and down to earth family we are fortunate to unite our families with.

The Wedding more pictures

Here's a goup shot of the kids with boyfriends and girlfriend. It was cold and our smiles are plastered on our faces.

Here's a picture of the altar inside the Greek Orthodox church.

Mom and Dad walking the pretty bride down the aisle.

The bride and groom with the 'stefana/crowns' on their heads, a Greek ritual, and the woe of the mother of the bride's trouble at the church...but that will come in another post.

The Wedding: Part Two

We're skipping the church for now and moving on to the hall, where the fun and dancing occurred. Got home around 4a.m. and thankfully the limo drove us home.

This is a small shot of the long head table and wish one of other pics my kids took has the nice flower arrangement on it. This shot is where the bride and groom sat. The flowers are the bougets the maid of honors held and the bride to match the purple gowns.

So the bride and groom were surprised to be called on the dance floor thinking they were going to dance to their first slow dance. Yeah right...the D.J. opened up with a belly dance song. hehe
And here's their first slow dance but wait...where's the happy couple? Look carefully, they're inside the stack of riboon. thought Litsa and I didn't dance? Here's a shot of our 'bump' dance.
And here's the part that begins at the church, the portion I left off, with two of the three limos having arrived at the church. The one to the left is where my daughter is still sitting in while her mom, me, went inside to make the first of three calls that, well, let's just say I had to make amends and say a few 'I'm sorry' to God for what came out of my mouth.

The Wedding PART ONE

November 6 was my eldest daughter’s wedding and boy was it a loonnng day. Woke up 6:30a.m. to curl my hair. Did my makeup, dressed, and then drove to my daughter’s home to help her out along with my twin daughters who were her maid of honors.

While the bride was getting her makeup done upstairs in her guest room, the twins and I made sure no one messed up the house. Strict orders from bride…and my mom who helped to clean up that week.

Photographer and videographer came and they were a hoot. Bride will kill me so can’t mention a few things that happened. Sorry.

Putting on her dress without the dress touching her updo that her father-in-law styled was like no experience I’ve ever come across. Three of us holding that heavy dress up so my daughter can slip her head into a tiny opening while yelling at us…DON’T RUIN MY HAIR! The dress went on finally.

Below are just a few shots at her home...more to come this week.

The bride in her TV room and that long train she almost killed herself on while dancing at the reception. She fell on the dance floor and I missed that shot. GRIN

The bride coming down her stairs.

The bride and her youngest sister, Alex.

Twin A, also known as Tina, and one of the maid of honors.
Twin B, also known as Cathy, and the other maid of honor.

Catherine, my son's girlfriend, me with my eyes closed because I hate taking pictures, and Alex.

My four beautiful daughters in a group shot.

My twins with the two best men.

Stay tuned for more pics and info on the whole affair. And the small 'crisis' at the church.

My visit with Ginger

was fun, to say the least. We arrived in Tennesee about 4:30 give or take. We hadn't even got settled in our room when the phone rang. It was my father in law. So while Roger talked to him, I checked my emails. There was one from Ginger that said her hubby wasn't going to be able to join us for dinner, but we could do breakfast. Okay, I guess that worked for me. Although dinner sounded more appealing because I'm one of those people, who when it's time to go home, I just want to go as early as possible. But I did want to meet Ginger and her hubby.
She asked if we'd like to come there for coffee and chat. After getting up at the ungodly hour of 5:00 and driving 9+ hours, hubby didn't want to leave the room. Like I said, when I have to leave, I want to leave. Poor hubby didn't know what hit him. He's not like me and needs about a gallon of coffee to wake up. Me, I can just wake up, pack up and go. Bonella wasn't far off when she said I was mean. Seriously, just ask my kids or hubby. I don't think a day goes by he doesn't tell me or our dogs that I'm mean. I call me intolerant. I don't tolerate bad behavior, even in my dogs. I'm not one of those grandmothers who spoil their grandchidlren and then send them home. They have to tow the line at my house. Okay, they get by with a bit more than their parents did, but I don't allow whiners, kids that touch things they shouldn't or talking back. That's just me and a different story. Back to the Ginger.
 So I suggested she join us for coffee. Actually, we hadn't eaten yet, so we needed some dinner. We were about 20 miles from her home and she said fine. She'd meet us at Shoney's (right next to our hotel) and she'd call when she got there.
And call she did. Hubby and I drove over there (don't know why, we could have walked), and Ginger  appeared in front of us. I would have known her anywhere. After a warm hug, we went inside. I felt like I knew her all my lfie. It was like finding a long lost friend and picking up where we left off.
I gave Ginger her gift and she gave me a gift also. After the conversation about never reading Nancy Drew the day before, I told Roger we had to find a store so I could buy her a copy. We stopped at a CVS the day before, but I doubted they'd have it, and I was right they didn't.  So we stopped at Walmart, who didn't have many books at all, which surprised me. Our Walmart's carry a pretty good selection, but I doubted if they'd have it anyway. I told him if we saw a Books A Million to stop, because I was pretty sure they'd carry it. I was right, they did. Then I ran next door to Walmart to buy a gift bag and a curling iron, since mine had died on me.. Hubby went in for something else.  I asked him to get me a cold drink. God love the man, but after almost 50 years, you'd think he'd know what I meant by a cold drink.  Normally diet cola. Earlier, he had stopped at a gas station to refuel and went inside for his upteenth cup of coffee and I asked for a cold drink then too - he brought me chocolate milk. Now don't get me wrong, I love chocolate milk but I needed something for my dry throat and was thinking in terms of the cola. So this time he comes out with cola, I'll grant him that. A 2 litre bottle of it and not cold. How in the world, he thought I was going to drink it was beyond me. Oh wait, he thought I was going to use his coffee cup, and he was going to get me ice from our cooler. Now normally I wouldn't mind ice from our cooler, but this time, the ice was cooling down a half bushel of oysters. Does anyone know how that smells? Needless to say, I wasn't drinking it. Of course he pointed out that I was being mean, and since he couldn't do anything right, maybe I should go in myself since I knew what I wanted. MEN!!!  But again, I digress...
So anyway after stopping at three stores, I did find the book and thought it a good joke. Ginger did laugh. So I guess I pulled it off. I just couldn't resist.
After we ate, Roger said he was going back to the room to lay down. That was fine with me, I wanted to visit with Gigner. We had a wonderful conversation. Both our husbands were truck drivers - Kelly still is- and we compared notes on when we used to go with them and their different quirks. They are amazingly alike and I wish they could have met, but I get ahead of myself.
Of course we talked about Muse and Lea - one of our main topics. Both of us agreed we were thrilled to be at Muse. We even both agreed what an amazing job Lea is doing and how she goes above and beyond what most publishers do.
During the course of our conversation - I think before Roger left - Kelly called and was stuck in Indiana. He wasn't going to make it for breakfast. I was disappointed that we wouldn't get to meet, but I was happy that we could leave first thing in the morning and get home at a reasonable hour.  My grandkids were staying with our two dogs - who I missed terribly- and were leaving sometime Saturday to go home. That meant they had to put the dogs in their crates. The dogs are fine with that, but seldom do we leave them crated for more than an hour or two. Needless to say, I was concerned that they were going to be crated for six or seven hours. Fortunately, we arrived home at 4:30 and they were fine. I'm not sure what time grandkids left, but the dog were none the worse for wear and excited to see us.
Okay, back to Ginger. Geesh, why can't I stay on topic.   Ginger and I had a great time, and I think they were ready to kick us out of the restaurant. We sat there talking for quite a while. I think it was 8 (their time, 9 ours) when we left .  So we had a nice long visit and chat and I do hope to meet other Muse authors. I also hope I get to see the ones I've met again.
Unfortunately, I somehow deleted the picture from my phone that I took of Ginger. Guess, I'll have to get one next time.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New covers for John Rosenman's upcoming books

The Blue of her Hair, the Gold of her Eyes & Dark Wizard

by John Rosenman

coming 2011!

Monday, November 1, 2010

When Four MuseItUp Authors Meet, Sparks Fly

Part I by Rebecca Ryals Russell

I had a unique opportunity recently to meet an author I’d befriended online but never dreamed of meeting in person as she lives about 1000 miles away. We’ve shared interviews on blog postings and many emails over the last few months. It was one of those emails that got me thinking I might get to meet her after all. She and her husband were planning a trip to Florida, from their home in Ohio, to visit family. And the amazing part? Their journey would take them directly past my home.
            So I offered Roseanne Dowell and her husband Roger a stay in my Vacation Rental log house and they accepted. It was wonderful. They had a place to stay overnight and we would meet face to face. Then I got to thinking, there was another author I’d met just recently at the Florida Writers Association Conference in Orlando. Maybe Marsha A. Moore and her husband, Steve, could drive up from Tampa and we could drive down from Lake City to meet for dinner in Gainesville. And so the invitations went around and arrangements were made. We would meet at the Carrabbas at Archer Road and 34th Street in Gainesville at 5pm.
            Then something happened that was totally cool. A new author joined The Musers and she lived in Gainesville. So, as a surprise, I didn’t tell the others that I had invited Barbara Bockman to join us. In order to know me I said, “Look for the lady in the hat.”
            Throughout dinner we laughed and chatted amiably. It was as though we were all old friends. That comes from the comradery shown on the MuseItUp Author’s Loop where we chat daily. That part of this publication process has been the biggest surprise (compared with other Houses I’ve heard about) as well as the biggest comfort. No matter what happens in our Author or Personal lives, we KNOW there are people who care and will support us. That means the world.

Part II  by Roseanne Dowell

When the invitation came from Rebecca, I couldn’t believe it. Of course, there was no way I’d refuse an offer like that. I mean, seriously, how could I? A chance to meet fellow muse authors was like a dream come true for me also. I knew I couldn’t afford to go to Canada for their first annual get together. In fact, this will probably be the last vacation we’ll be able to take. Rebecca’s cabin is, without a doubt, beautiful. It’s hardly what I would call a cabin. The 1300 square foot three bedroom home is gorgeous with all the modern conveniences. It’s peaceful and a perfect place to write. I wish we could have stayed longer.

We arrived late Friday afternoon. Thank goodness we didn’t arrive in the dark. I don’t think we would have found it. For one thing MapQuest said it was on the right, which was where we were looking. NOT. We realized the addresses were even numbers, and after turning around three times and, of course, passing the house, I finally recognized pictures of the Victorian Home Rebecca lives in. Talk about beautiful, but that’s another story.

Saturday afternoon, Rebecca and her husband, Mike, drove us to Gainesville. I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca’s son, Robert, who we dropped off at the University of Florida to stay with his sister, one of Rebecca’s beautiful daughters. And then it was on to the restaurant.
When we walked into the restaurant, Rebecca said she had a surprise for us. I had no idea what it could be. We had arrived a little early and were seated. Shortly thereafter, a woman walked up to the table and spoke to Rebecca. She was Rebecca’s surprise. One of our new muse authors, Barbara Bockman. Marsha A. Moore arrived next and what a treat to meet three Muse authors. Although Rebecca and Barbara write young adult and Marsha writes for the Hot line, we had much to talk about (Yes, Lea, even you!). 
It was such an enjoyable experience and I will treasure the memory. Who knows, maybe on our way home, I’ll get to meet another Muse author.      

Part III by Marsha A. Moore

What amazed me the most about our visit was how much fun we all had, so much to talk about, even though we write such different genres. Rebecca and Barbara write for younger readers, Roseanne writes romance, and I write fantasy romance. We represent all three lines of Muse: MuseItUp, the main line, MuseItHot (erotica) and MuseItYoung (readers 10-14). It wasn’t by any accident or coincidence we eagerly got together and had a great time. The collective, sharing, and caring spirit is what makes MuseItUp Publishing unique. Not only does that basic tenet help out whenever concerns, small or large arise, but it allows us to be comfortable with each other. Our publisher, Lea Schizas, certainly will not like being credited with this, but she’ll get over it. Her vision and example established and continues to foster this wonderful, interactive environment. As we turn toward Thanksgiving, I’m very grateful for this terrific group of authors, working and enjoying life together. It was a treat to meet three of them.

Part IV by Barbara Bockman

            I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I read on the Muse Blog that Rebecca had invited Roseanne and her husband to stay in their cabin and that they were coming to dinner Saturday night in my town. (Who says eavesdropping doesn’t pay?) I asked to be included and Rebecca said she would save me as a surprise. In addition to Rebecca and Roseanne, Marsha was to be there, too. I was thrilled at the prospect of meeting some live Muse Authors. I joined the group for dinner and we had a terrific time talking about writing and writers and The Muse. (The three husbands were sweet and tolerant of our writerly conversation). I am a Baby Muse Author with a lot to learn. It’s a great advantage for me to be among experienced writers who are always willing to show the ropes to a newbie. This is ONE TERRIFIC GROUP. I am so happy to have been a part of the Muse Conference Board for a few years now and I’ve seen Lea’s vision expand and grow to where she’s now a publisher of books. She shows us all how to reach for the stars.