Sunday, November 7, 2010

My visit with Ginger

was fun, to say the least. We arrived in Tennesee about 4:30 give or take. We hadn't even got settled in our room when the phone rang. It was my father in law. So while Roger talked to him, I checked my emails. There was one from Ginger that said her hubby wasn't going to be able to join us for dinner, but we could do breakfast. Okay, I guess that worked for me. Although dinner sounded more appealing because I'm one of those people, who when it's time to go home, I just want to go as early as possible. But I did want to meet Ginger and her hubby.
She asked if we'd like to come there for coffee and chat. After getting up at the ungodly hour of 5:00 and driving 9+ hours, hubby didn't want to leave the room. Like I said, when I have to leave, I want to leave. Poor hubby didn't know what hit him. He's not like me and needs about a gallon of coffee to wake up. Me, I can just wake up, pack up and go. Bonella wasn't far off when she said I was mean. Seriously, just ask my kids or hubby. I don't think a day goes by he doesn't tell me or our dogs that I'm mean. I call me intolerant. I don't tolerate bad behavior, even in my dogs. I'm not one of those grandmothers who spoil their grandchidlren and then send them home. They have to tow the line at my house. Okay, they get by with a bit more than their parents did, but I don't allow whiners, kids that touch things they shouldn't or talking back. That's just me and a different story. Back to the Ginger.
 So I suggested she join us for coffee. Actually, we hadn't eaten yet, so we needed some dinner. We were about 20 miles from her home and she said fine. She'd meet us at Shoney's (right next to our hotel) and she'd call when she got there.
And call she did. Hubby and I drove over there (don't know why, we could have walked), and Ginger  appeared in front of us. I would have known her anywhere. After a warm hug, we went inside. I felt like I knew her all my lfie. It was like finding a long lost friend and picking up where we left off.
I gave Ginger her gift and she gave me a gift also. After the conversation about never reading Nancy Drew the day before, I told Roger we had to find a store so I could buy her a copy. We stopped at a CVS the day before, but I doubted they'd have it, and I was right they didn't.  So we stopped at Walmart, who didn't have many books at all, which surprised me. Our Walmart's carry a pretty good selection, but I doubted if they'd have it anyway. I told him if we saw a Books A Million to stop, because I was pretty sure they'd carry it. I was right, they did. Then I ran next door to Walmart to buy a gift bag and a curling iron, since mine had died on me.. Hubby went in for something else.  I asked him to get me a cold drink. God love the man, but after almost 50 years, you'd think he'd know what I meant by a cold drink.  Normally diet cola. Earlier, he had stopped at a gas station to refuel and went inside for his upteenth cup of coffee and I asked for a cold drink then too - he brought me chocolate milk. Now don't get me wrong, I love chocolate milk but I needed something for my dry throat and was thinking in terms of the cola. So this time he comes out with cola, I'll grant him that. A 2 litre bottle of it and not cold. How in the world, he thought I was going to drink it was beyond me. Oh wait, he thought I was going to use his coffee cup, and he was going to get me ice from our cooler. Now normally I wouldn't mind ice from our cooler, but this time, the ice was cooling down a half bushel of oysters. Does anyone know how that smells? Needless to say, I wasn't drinking it. Of course he pointed out that I was being mean, and since he couldn't do anything right, maybe I should go in myself since I knew what I wanted. MEN!!!  But again, I digress...
So anyway after stopping at three stores, I did find the book and thought it a good joke. Ginger did laugh. So I guess I pulled it off. I just couldn't resist.
After we ate, Roger said he was going back to the room to lay down. That was fine with me, I wanted to visit with Gigner. We had a wonderful conversation. Both our husbands were truck drivers - Kelly still is- and we compared notes on when we used to go with them and their different quirks. They are amazingly alike and I wish they could have met, but I get ahead of myself.
Of course we talked about Muse and Lea - one of our main topics. Both of us agreed we were thrilled to be at Muse. We even both agreed what an amazing job Lea is doing and how she goes above and beyond what most publishers do.
During the course of our conversation - I think before Roger left - Kelly called and was stuck in Indiana. He wasn't going to make it for breakfast. I was disappointed that we wouldn't get to meet, but I was happy that we could leave first thing in the morning and get home at a reasonable hour.  My grandkids were staying with our two dogs - who I missed terribly- and were leaving sometime Saturday to go home. That meant they had to put the dogs in their crates. The dogs are fine with that, but seldom do we leave them crated for more than an hour or two. Needless to say, I was concerned that they were going to be crated for six or seven hours. Fortunately, we arrived home at 4:30 and they were fine. I'm not sure what time grandkids left, but the dog were none the worse for wear and excited to see us.
Okay, back to Ginger. Geesh, why can't I stay on topic.   Ginger and I had a great time, and I think they were ready to kick us out of the restaurant. We sat there talking for quite a while. I think it was 8 (their time, 9 ours) when we left .  So we had a nice long visit and chat and I do hope to meet other Muse authors. I also hope I get to see the ones I've met again.
Unfortunately, I somehow deleted the picture from my phone that I took of Ginger. Guess, I'll have to get one next time.


Unknown said...

What a sweet post...and I'm soooo disappointed about you losing my picture. NOT! It was definitely my pleasure to meet you and Roger. I hope you'll keep in mind that when you need a place to rest during your door is always open to you. Of course, a queen-sized bed that shares my office space is pretty lame after seeing what Rebecca offered up. What a show off *lol* I can't wait until we can swap stories again. I so enjoyed it.

Lin said...

It IS a great post. Glad you all had this opportunity. Love to you both.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Ginger, a bed is a bed is a bed. I might just take you up on the offer again next year. All we needed was a place to talk and a place to lay our heads. I was thankful Rebecca offered such a beautiful home since we stayed there for two nights. It would be a beautiful place to spend a weekend. It's a shame we didn't get to chat longer after dinner. As you saw, Ginger, I can talk for hours and hours. And nothing's too sweet for my sugar and spice friend. LOL
thanks, Lin, it was a wonderful opportunity and I'm still excited about it.

Lisabet Sarai said...

I've had that happen - meeting someone (another author) in the flesh after getting to know them online, and feeling as though we'd definitely been close in some previous life.

Sounds like an exhausting and yet emotionally energizing experience, Roseanne!

Anonymous said...

Glad you both had the chance to meet each other. How cool is that?!

Marsha A. Moore said...

Sounds like you both had a fantastic time. I'm so glad! I'll bet Roger's happy to be home after all the fun visits you made with Musers.

Roseanne Dowell said...

We had a great time. Actually Roger enjoyed everyone. He wasn't even bored with our dinner at Carrabas. Ginger's wit and great personality even had him joining our conversation. Of course we saved most of our Muse talk until after he left us. All in all, we both had a great time.