Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Wedding PART ONE

November 6 was my eldest daughter’s wedding and boy was it a loonnng day. Woke up 6:30a.m. to curl my hair. Did my makeup, dressed, and then drove to my daughter’s home to help her out along with my twin daughters who were her maid of honors.

While the bride was getting her makeup done upstairs in her guest room, the twins and I made sure no one messed up the house. Strict orders from bride…and my mom who helped to clean up that week.

Photographer and videographer came and they were a hoot. Bride will kill me so can’t mention a few things that happened. Sorry.

Putting on her dress without the dress touching her updo that her father-in-law styled was like no experience I’ve ever come across. Three of us holding that heavy dress up so my daughter can slip her head into a tiny opening while yelling at us…DON’T RUIN MY HAIR! The dress went on finally.

Below are just a few shots at her home...more to come this week.

The bride in her TV room and that long train she almost killed herself on while dancing at the reception. She fell on the dance floor and I missed that shot. GRIN

The bride coming down her stairs.

The bride and her youngest sister, Alex.

Twin A, also known as Tina, and one of the maid of honors.
Twin B, also known as Cathy, and the other maid of honor.

Catherine, my son's girlfriend, me with my eyes closed because I hate taking pictures, and Alex.

My four beautiful daughters in a group shot.

My twins with the two best men.

Stay tuned for more pics and info on the whole affair. And the small 'crisis' at the church.


Heather Haven said...

My God, Girl! Your kids are gorgeous! I can see where they got their looks from, tho. Eyes closed or open, you look sensational. Love the gowns and the bride looks so beautiful, she could be a model. What a fantastic day! Please share as much as you feel up to. I love it!!

Anita Davison said...

You all look so happy, Lea, if a little nervous as these photos are taken before the ceremony - and you are right, you do have four beautiful daughters.

M. L. Archer said...

Wow! Very pretty girls! In fact, they're so gorgeous you can picture their dad sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch, holding a shot gun, just to make their boy friends think.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Absolutely stunning. I agree with all of the above statements.

Jim Hartley said...

After all the editing flack I get around here, I'm gonna say it ... the plural of "maid of honor" should be "maids of honor" ... so there!

Karen McGrath said...

What beautiful daughters! And Lea, you look fabulous! Lovely photos!

ChrisChat said...

Beautiful family

Unknown said...

What a beautiful dress! And beautiful girls...they look like you :) Thanks for sharing.

Lin said...

You are all gorgeous. Love your pics, Lea. Thank you for sharing them.

BarbaraB said...

A totally beautiful family. You deserve all the pride you have in your children.
Looking forward to more pictures.
Wishing great happiness to the newly wedded couple.

Unknown said...

Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your daughter's special day...and if Jim was a woman, I'd wear he was menopausal. *lol*


Rhobin said...

Beautiful bride, beautiful sisters-of-the-bride and beautiful mother-of-the bride.
Congratulations on surviving the wedding!

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

Wow!!! Your daughters are so beautiful! I love your daughter's dress!! It's gorgeous!!! You looked gorgeous too!!

Thank you for posting these! Can't wait to find out about the church thing:)

Cora said...

Wonderful pictures, beautiful Bride's Dress and with everything in place, it looks like a good start to a memorable occasion.

Unknown said...

You have quite the stunning family Lea. Congrats on a wonderful wedding.

Anonymous said...

Lea, you have a beautiful family!

Marsha A. Moore said...

Such beautiful, smiling faces... makes me smile with you all!

Christine London said...

A long happy life together to the bride and groom. What a beautiful day! Thanks for sharing with us.
Warmest Regards,
Christine London