Monday, November 15, 2010

Writers-Dreamers-Writers- Questions

As writers we tend to dream our story lines, content with naysayers, visualize the smiles on our readers faces while they flip through our penned pages and a hundred other emotions, like writer's block, timelines, research, deadlines, submitting, anxiously anticipating a response, and more.

Our minds fill with characters who talk to us at the most inappropriate times. Do we care?

Once upon a time there was a writer who dreamed of becoming a storyteller and moved forward on his or her dream. Are you this writer?

Don't self-publish...self-publish...don't go with this publisher...change this...edit that...


I pick up my pen and write. I am a writer! I don't listen to others when they put my time and effort down.


Do I sound as though I'm rambling? Perhaps I am or perhaps I am simply painting a small portrait of a mind of a writer during his or her writing process...insane...unbalanced...yet very fulfilling for that writer.

Do I care what other non-writers think?

The verdict isn't clear in my mind...I want to I good enough...can I be a Stephen I care?

Proudly I enter a room and when asked what I do...I smile...and say...

I am a writer, a very good writer.

Finally, I have no indecision anymore.

I write because I want to.
I write because it heightens my senses and allows the storyteller in me to come out and play.
I write because there are people in my head who want to come out and show their story.






Cellophane Queen said...

Love the song. Love the sentiment.

Karen McGrath said...

Love this Lea, and the song. I was thinking something similar today after reading blogs and emails and Facebook and everyone else's stories. I put it all aside and shut the door on the world and wrote my story. It felt SO good! Sweet dreams are made of this! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Great post, Lea. I was almost convinced you wrote it from my POV because it fits so well. Love the song...sweet dreams are made of this. And thank you for making six of my sweet dreams come true.

Unknown said...

This has been one of my favorite songs since I was a kid. And Lea, I've read your stuff. You're an amazing writer!

ChrisChat said...

I write. I dream. I believe in magic and what if. I know something lives under the bed. I'm waiting for the dolphins to talk. There are elves and fairies in my backyard. Why did the neighbour have so many garbage bags last week? Where did she say her husband was going?

I look at life through different glasses with strange lenses and I love every minute of it.

A writer's mind is a very interesting place to live.

I am a proud writer, too.

Barbara Ehrentreu said...

I love that song too. Interesting that both you and Kat had Annie Lenox as a muse today.:) As a writer I am always thinking about the things no one else thinks about and it drives my family crazy when I talk about inconsequential things. I like to follow things to their logical conclusion even if it hasn't actually concluded in real life.

I have read your work and it is awesome! So keep those caps on. YOU ARE A WRITER!! Now I'm going to say it too. I AM A WRITER.

Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

I love music and I love to write, but I still haven't become comfortable saying I'm a writer to everyone, yet. Somehow I think I need to prove myself first, earn that right. Forgive me for my candor here, but I'm learning to overcome my doubts with each day. Baby steps... Thank you Lea for the post. It's inspiring and so are you! Does that sound like a suck up? Grin. I love Annie Lennox's voice!


Viviane Brentanos said...

If music be the food of love....not IF but IS. Loved the post, Lea. I have to say, I believe we writers are somehow on a different emotional plane from the lesser mortals surrounding us. We have to be. Howcan we make our readers feel if we do not feel the depths of emotion and love. I know I am considered emotionally excessive by my friends. Who cares? Not me. As for music, I am addicted to it in all shapes or genres. Life, love is music.


Christine London said...

Thanks for this great reminder of what our souls are and where they lead we who write.

Life, love, music and writing...indeed.

Diane said...

Lea, thank you for expressing what I am too. Sweet Dreams is the perfect song for everything that has happened to me lately, thanks to you and MuseItUp!!

I usually do march and write to the beat of my own drum - some days it's 80's Hair Rock or a dance club mix - but there's always a beat to the fantasy and dreams that I write about every day.

I believe - I dream - I imagine and I too wonder what if - and I hope I can inspire my readers and my fellow authors and friends to do the same!

Jane Richardson said...

Fabulous post. Get back to basics and just write because you want to - have to - write. And be proud of who you are!

Jane x

J.Q. Rose said...

Yes! Finally someone expresses exactly how I feel about writing. Thank you.