Friday, December 10, 2010

Far From Home World

The black of space serves as a perfect foil for memories of snow filled skies while the stars, so brightly shining, echo words from an ancient carol.

And the distance, unfathomable to planet-bound shepherds and beasts of burden, instills a longing for my cinnamon scented home filled with family, friends and the laughter of children.

Strange how scents, sounds, memories and tradition can tether a person
no matter how far they may roam.




But as I look away from all that I miss and love, I can’t help but sing to
the Almighty as, bearing gifts of praise and wonder, I too follow a star.

Well, what did you expect? I'm a science fiction writer.

Happy Holidays

The Fireborn Chronicles: Resonances

--Man, Machine & the Paranormal---

If destiny forges you to a task, is that slavery?


Lin said...

I LOVE space pictures and these are stunningly beautiful. Thanks for them and the equally beautiful words.

Mary Andrews said...

Thanks Lin. The pix are from NASA and God. I can only aspire to being that good. =]

Brenda Hyde said...

I am always in awe of the pictures from space. May you have a very special Christmas Mary!

Mary Andrews said...

I have to confess, until about 4AM I had no idea what I was going to write. The first line sprung into my head early on, but I shelved it in search of something more warm and cuddly.

It was the pictures that brought them together.

You have a great Christmas too. =])

Lin said...

There is no greater artist than the Creator of all that is. I am always awed by the rich colors that fill the world beyond our atmosphere. I am also awed by the vastness of that canvas. Your words and the pictures bring that canvas into our homes, minds and hearts. No finer gift to give for this wondrous time of year.

ChrisChat said...

Wonderful and magical. Thank You

Rosalie Skinner said...

Great photos and words. I look forward to reading Resonances.
Happy Christmas.

Mary Andrews said...

I really appreciate everyone dropping by. Thanks for your kind words...and Rosalie...YAAAAAY. I mean, hope you like the book.


Rosalie Skinner said...

Just getting into the book Mary, and I am enjoying every page. :)

Mary Andrews said...

Thank you Rosalie, you've made my day. Guess I better get back to finishing book III. ;]