Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grinch Eats Killarney and Nancy

They call this poetry?

The Grinch stood back

Ready to attack

Because Killarney and Nancy

Doesn’t suit his prancy

“Why pick on those

who dislike prose

when all you had to do

was remove your masks and say BOO!”

Grinch laughs away

With no dismay

Happy to see Killarney and Nancy

Lose at their own gaming smancy

Grinch wins this round

and stomps the ground

brushing up pepples and grime

While shutting his door,

He peers at the poets once more.

“Santa is big and fat,

Grinch is green and all that,

So next time you dare to recite

Remember I have a nasty bite.”


Killarney said...

LOL! Is that the best you can do Grinchy? You had better take Lea's online conference next year!

Unknown said...

You might have a nasty bite, but your poetry stinks. *lol* You should leave the rhyming up to Dr. Seuss.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Sad, very, very sad

Nancy Bell said...

You're a mean one Mr. Grinch! NOT!

Give the Grinch an inch
And you have his butt to pinch
All green and fat and smarmy
It would take this man's army
To get me within an inch
Of Mr. Grinch.

Our poetry spoke to you of green and cranky one
We got a response from you
and we have annoyed you
Our work here is done!


MuseItUp Publishing said...

GRINCH: I should have known better than to respond to females. But the one who talks about pinching my butt...CALL ME

Liz Coldwell said...

You've got to love old Grinchy - the harder you slap him down, the quicker he comes back for more...

Lin said...

Hey Mr. Grinch...don't you just love how...uhm...FREEING pentameter is...and you do it SOOOO well...Right Kat I'm relaly trying not to hack up one of our kitties hairballs here...but the Grinch DID honor...sorta...pentameter.At least he TRIED.