Friday, December 31, 2010

A Wing and a Prayer - New for January

Happy New Year everyone.

Where else can you get a .99 cent bargain?  A Wing and a Prayer releases January 1, but if you snoop, you'll find it available today.  I'm overjoyed to have contracted five short stories and one novel with Muse It Up.  While you're perusing my author's page, check out Hurricane Warning, also available...and on sale.

A Wing and a Prayer Blurb:

First Impressions aren’t always what they seem. Just ask Callie Corwin.

On a 747, Callie Corwin, buckles up for her first day as a flight attendant. The full jet carries two passengers who stand out from the others, but for totally different reasons. The handsome cowboy promises to be a pleasant distraction from her performance anxiety, but the dark-skinned gentleman a few rows back sends her up her hackles. She’s been trained on how to recognize a terrorist, and he fits the very description. Will she see jolly old England or the bottom of the sea?

Suzie Housley from Romance Junkies says...This is the second book that I have discovered by Ginger Simpson, and I can guarantee her writing style is one that will keep you highly entertained.

Available now at Muse It Up Publishing.

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