Monday, January 17, 2011

An Author Intro Limerick

Rebecca Ryals Russell’s my name.
Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy’s my game.
The darker the better
Angels v Demons go getter
Two series 2011 not the same.

Seraphym Wars Series for Young Adults
ODESSA in April will be abouts
From MuseItUp Publishing
As eBook you can read
The best Dark Fantasy you will shout.

For Middle Grades Stardust Warriors Series
In June Zarena will be released
An eBook as well
You’ll agree it is swell
Any Middle Grade Reader will be pleased.

Throughout the 2011 year
Many more books you will hear
I’ve children’s and horror
I know there’ll be more
Writing Fantasy Fiction I hold dear.

Rebecca Ryals Russell writes MG/YA Fantasy, usually Dark, as well as Horror. She is currently working on a YA Dystopian Romance and planning a Steampunk. ODESSA, the first in the Seraphym Wars YA Series will be available April 1, 2011. Zarena, the first in the Stardust Warriors MG Series will be available June 1, 2011. You can see much more about Rebecca and the many books and series she has coming out or in the works at For teens who write or those who write for teens/children, go to for articles, interviews and more by more than ten MG/YA Authors.
Mind the Signs. . .


Roseanne Dowell said...

Such a catchy limereick. Congratulations on all your books, Rebecca.

Pat McDermott said...

Very creative, Rebecca!

Unknown said...

Thank, ladies. Couldn't stand to write the same ol' thing again. This was fun!

Cellophane Queen said...

Rebecca, you're a nut. That's why I love you so much.

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz said...

Rebecca, loved your limerick! Happy writing...

Unknown said...

Marva, the feeling's mutual. I love finding you in all the places I haunt around the blogosphere. lol

Joe Douglas Trent said...

I like the twist! Looking forward to April.

ACM said...

I like the rhyme - all the time. :)