Monday, January 24, 2011

A Cruise with Michael Patriate

Crap, I'm sick. Not just sick of this time I've been thrown into against my will. Not sick of worrying if someone will discover I'm from 500 years in the future. Not sick of wishing for creature comforts like central heat, hot showers, and coffee. No, I'm really, really sick.

My progenitor has seen fit to place me on a post-medieval Venetian galley headed down the Adriatic, bound for Portugal. Yes, the kind of galley that has rows of oars sticking out the sides. The kind that houses a hundred other smelly human beings in a cargo hold cruelly called a cabin. The kind that bobs and weaves with the wind and waves. The kind without a toilet.

Joe Douglas seems to think I need to learn a lesson and he's banished me here to do the trick. Well, I have one question for Joe. Why did he write in my supposed flaws in the first place? He could have just made me rich and happy. Oh, what's the use.

Guess I'll try to occupy myself with caring for my companion on this trip. He had a little trouble in the last town and is sleeping off a beating. Well, at least he's not conscious so he can't get seasick.

And another thing, uhm...I gotta go now.

[Author's note: Michael is the main character in The King of Silk. And he does indeed require a lesson.]


Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

Joe, very descriptive character blog! Drew me right into Michael's plight:)

Cheers, Sara

Mary Andrews said...

Nicely written as usual Joe, but just what did Michael ever do to you that could make you deprive him of coffee??

Unknown said...

Michael, perhaps Joe is like a parent that allows his child to enter into a situation that he knows will come to distress but knows that life is the best and sometimes only teacher for growth to occur. And, Michael, you certainly have had lots of opportunity for growth courtesy of Joe. I do think it is a touch wicked to not find some kind of substitute for the coffee you do not have. Joe is a bit twisted, that is certain.

Joe Douglas Trent said...

Research, research, research. Some things sneak up on you after everything is set. The way Italians are nuts about their coffee you'd think they've always had it. But, alas, I would have to send him to Yemen at this point to get a cup. Maybe there's a sequel there somewhere.