Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great Business Card Tips...NOT!

If you want potential buyers to toss your business card in the garbage then make sure to do the following:

Get the most obnoxious color and splash more ugly tones to give your business card a rainbow effect.

Use a different font for each letter. Yeah, they’ll love you for that one.

Make sure the printing is very small so you can fit in tons of stuff.

Just write the name of your book. No one is really interested in your name or any other contact info, like where to email you, where to buy the book, or an ISBN number. Gee, why would you want to offer them all that info where they can Google it and get it if they really want your book, right?

Okay, so you made a few typos on your card. Do you think anyone will notice? You forgot to check it before printing your cards. An honest mistake.

Make sure to have everything in capitals. Hey, some may have a hard time reading so help them along.

I sincerely hope my tips above have helped you design the right business card. And if you follow my advice above to the tee, you will be guaranteed that your card will end up kissing the bottom of a garbage bin somewhere on this planet.

Resurrection Garden


Anonymous said...

Yikes - good "not" tips to use. Appreciate the heads up. Congratulations on Resurrection Garden, Frank.

M. L. Archer said...