Monday, January 17, 2011

Greetings from Merry Old England!

Hi, everyone. My name is Nicolai Due-Gundersen, author of The Heart's Lone Desire, to be released this May.

Well, where to start. I've recently returned to the UK after 6 years abroad, and am in my final year of uni studying English Literature. Having spent a lot of time with Americans (and one Canadian), I've finally lost my British accent, but I don't mind as the American one sounds way cooler :)

As an author, I write tales of the dark and supernatural, often exploring the contention between the rational human world and the darkness beyond; the beauty and suffering that seeps into the banality of daily life. Outside of creative writing, I am finding mysef increasingly drawn to the world of International Politics, which I hope to pursue as my Master's in Geneva. My current interests, which I hope to explore include the notion of state surveillance and circular power (how surveillance becomes adopted by society, with individuals thus keeping a check on each other and doing the state's work for them) and the rise and fall of superpowers, and how an emerging power may attempt world domination in a globalised age. I'm not a megalomaniac; honest, but I find the topic fascinating.

My novel, The Heart's Lone Desire has just gone through final editing before being passed on to the line editors who will finalise its cover, blurb and so on so forth. Recently, I was able to give an interview about my writing motivations and the book itself: In addition. I have also established a facebook page o promote my work. In it you will find character profiles, updates and user comments (

As the release date draws near, I shall tease you all with further words of the mysterious heart of my tale; an ivory organ that grants immortality, but only to those who are worthy. With its own motive, the heart is a lost legend, an ambiguous power that few have lived to tell about. Greed lies in the hearts of men. But what lies behind the cold white shell of the most precious organ?


Cellophane Queen said...

Ivory organ? This isn't MuseItHOT, right?

Slapping hand while waving hello to Nicolai!

Pat McDermott said...

LOL, Marva. Hello, Nicolai. Your stories sound fascinating. All the best with your May release.

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz said...

Hi Nicolai, your book sounds intriguing. Wish you success.

ChrisChat said...

Hey, Nicolai...get back to writing. Oh wait, we're done our editing aren't we. Okay, I'll give you a slight break ;)

Yes, HEART'S LONE DESIRE, does keep one thinking..don't think I want too close to this ivory heart.

Rosalie Skinner said...

Sounds like an amazing story. Another for the Must Read list.