Monday, January 24, 2011

The Heart's Lone Desire: Trenton's Quest

I hear its cry. Its echoing beat, perpetually teasing my mind, teasing me to the bone.

Where does my story start? I can barely remember.

Trenton. That's my name, I think. Or at least it used to be. I was a detective, hired by the wealthy in low places, their link between their public lives and the privacy of their darkness. I acquired the best of the worst, catered to their sins, recovered that which was meant to be lost. Until I found the heart. Miss Worthing. Haha, she could do with a heart. I'm her prisoner, you see, and have been ever since I failed her. I was ordered to bring back a heart of ivory; a lost legend that promises eternal life. I did find it; I did! But someone else got to it first.
She wants to kill me. I know she does. But I still have my secrets. The secrets she needs to pursue the heart. Rumour has it that a new guy's been hired, a professional thief. Not like the others; he's sharp, like I used to be. He'll come for me. He'll find me. And what will I do, then? I'll be forced to spill my secrets, and that'll be the end of me!

M-maybe, I can get to the heart, first. Yes, that's it. And this time I'll succeed. This time it'll accept me. I'll have its power all to myself, all to myself!


Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

Very mysterious and intriguing POV Nicolai! Look forward to reading your story:)


Rosalie Skinner said...

Sounds intriguing. I feel for Trenton. Although if he finds the heart I don't know that I would trust him. Well done Nicolai!

Nicolai Due-Gundersen said...

Thank you! It'll be out in May, but I hope to add more blog posts before then.