Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Krista D. Ball, author of "Harvest Moon"

Hi all,

So it looks like we're all introducing ourselves a little. I'm a Canadian speculative fiction (SF) author. My fantasy novella, "Harvest Moon," was MuseItUp's top selling story for three months straight and well-received by reviewers. I generally write at two extremes - the absurd and the thoughtful. Harvest Moon goes to the thoughtful side of my style, looking for a definition to what gender actually means. I take the most common fantasy trope of damsel in distress and toss it into the air.

Flying Kite, Crashing Ship is completely different. It takes the absurd part of my mind. What happens when time travelers crash in Jane Austen's time period? And, for fun, a little blue goo is added in there for good measure. Because, really, life needs more blue goo.

I have an active website (www.kristadball.com) where I discuss sensible topics, like technology and history of food, and very important topics, such as the coming zombie end times. Chain saw not required, though recommended.


Lin said...

I bow down before our top seller and say..."Give Us More!"

Those who haven't figured it out from Krista's posting...this woman has a wicked sense of humor and a writers voice that is deliciously convoluted and deftly intriguing. You GOTTA grab yourself an original Krista Ball tale.

Cellophane Queen said...

Krista: I just read Harvest Moon last night. My only complaint? I wished it were longer. I want more of Cat Dancing.