Monday, January 17, 2011

Rhobin L. Courtright

Good grief! Some of the authors were posting at all hours of the night, and I know they're not from the other side of the world! I was sound asleep. After getting up, I began a phone argument with ATT, I was spitting nails until I hurried off to teach. Luckily, I had two great classes today. I figure whenever I can get students talking, its a great day.

That lasted until I had to come home--snowy, icy roads for forty-five miles. My partner and I stopped on the way home for dinner. I had the crab sandwich, crab meat on English muffins covered with Hollandaise sauce. I was still crabby over my phone call so figured dinner fit. It was very good. He had the smelt. Is there a message there?

I arrived home, shoveled the sidewalks which have already filled with two more inches of snow. My cats started fighting when I came in, opened my email to 300+ mails and then remembered I had to post. This is a normal day filled with highs and lows, which is why I write. Writing gives me an escape. Plus, I love telling stories.

In February my scifi story CREWKIN comes out. Can't wait! That will definitely be a 'high' day.

CREWKIN: Renna lost her ship and crewkin, the people she has lived with since birth. Refusing the suicide solution her company recommends, she now has to find a ship on which  to serve -- no easy matter when you've been raised in a closed society. Everyone and everything is different from what she has known.



Roseanne Dowell said...

I hope every day doesn't go like that. Sounds like a rough one. Hope it gets better tomorrow.

Lin said...

I so loved doing the cover blog for Crewkin. It has such a unique concept and it draws you right in. For those that would like a little more infomration about Rhobin's fantastic book, here's the url for the coverblog I did for Crewkin...and Rhobin really is full of yucks isn't it?

Rosalie Skinner said...

Snow... there you go. Somehow when you describe snow and ice, they lose their magic and romantic nuances.
Enjoy your winter evening and write LOTS.
Sending warm thoughts.

Pat McDermott said...

Hope things are better today, Rhobin!