Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nancy M Bell on Relationships

We're talking this week about relationships and their importance in our lives. If you stop and think about it, everything we do involves a relationship. How we interact with our family, our business associates, the world around us and even how we relate ourselves to the world around us exists within the boundaries of a relationship. There are as many variations of relationships as there are people, a single event can involve multiple relationships within it. If we use a wedding as an example, the bride and groom have a different relationship with each other than the groom and his mother. The bride and mother share a relationship which is strong and enduring (one would hope) but even though it is as strong as the bond/relationship with her husband it is vastly different in nature.
Relationships and how we handle them control how we are perceived by the people around us, if we maintain honest and caring relationships with our family and our co-workers and friends it is a reflection of the person we are. Conversely, if we treat our relationships as a convenience which we only cultivate when it suits our personal needs the world around us will judge us by our actions.
Honouring the relationships we cultivate in our lives is an important duty we should pay attention to every day of our lives. It is equally important to realize when a relationship is dangerous to our own health and well being and recognize the destructive nature of it and end the relationship honestly and openly. The respect and honour with we treat others is a direct reflection of the respect and honour we feel for ourselves.
Relationships are a mirror of our souls and inner self.

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Sara Durham Writer ~ Author said...

Boy Nancy (Emily), you summed relationships up in a nutshell! Also this blog post was a good reminder for all of us to cultivate our relationships on a daily basis, sometimes a hard task to accomplish:)

Thanks for sharing!

Cheers, Sara