Monday, March 7, 2011

2066 Greater Chicgao Metro Area Psychiatric Hospital

Where am I?  It looks like a hospital room.  Why can’t I move?  Feels like a restraint field.  Oh, darn it, what did I do this time?

Oh, yeah.  We were out singing karaoke in the Champaign, Illinois part of the Greater Chicago Metro Area and I poured pop on that woman’s head and she shoved me across the room.  That’s why my wrist hurts so much.  I broke it.  What was I angry about?  I don’t remember.  I don’t know what sets me off anymore—just my bi-polar disorder.  Why aren’t my meds working?  Scott’s giving them to me and I’m swallowing them!  Why can’t I find meds that work?

Because you don’t deserve meds that work, Katie McGowan!


Who d’ya think it is?  Look at you—in bed in the middle of the afternoon.  You lazy slob.  You’re enough to make a preacher swear.

“I’m sorry, Mama.  I won’t do it again.”

Stop your lyin’.  The minute they let you out you know damn well you’ll go off on someone else.  I don’t know why Scott puts up with you.  It’ll never last.  He’s too good for you.

“I know he is, Mama.  But I love…”


“She should sleep now, Mr. McGown.”

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